Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4: Hotfix for version 1.15 has been released

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jrumpler43 Apr 16 @ 5:37pm 
is this hotfix something we have to download? if so, can you point me to the link? thx.
duncan_granger Apr 10 @ 2:51pm 
Since this fix I have been unable to play the game. Unity error popup. Launch the game and this error appears on screen. Anyone had the same problem?
snoopy41 Apr 8 @ 2:50am 
Why we can't play the DLC in Japan ?
kalypso_Lord MK  [developer] Apr 7 @ 11:52pm 

The bugfixes are stated in the text of this announcement. Did you report this assumed bug in the bug report subforum?
comp9 Apr 5 @ 3:35pm 
Does this fix the bug where if you play on PC with an Xbox controller there is literally no way to quit the game? (Once you use the controller the exit button leaves permanently.)
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Tom70 Apr 3 @ 11:31pm 
Super , bin sehr zufrieden mit euch 😀✌🏻
AxelhacK Apr 3 @ 2:38pm 
Great job so far devs <3

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Burnwithme Apr 3 @ 10:58am