CrossCode 1.0 Out Now!

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Devolo Oct 18 @ 11:57am 
I remember the old Demo and playing it 100% just so i could kill the Crab Boss in under 40 seconds, good times. Im truly amazed that the Game somehow managed to surpass my allready high expectations with its lovely Story, great Artstyle and to me yet thrilling Gameplay. I really just want to thank you Guys for creating such a beautiful piece of Software =)
Naikel [FR] Oct 7 @ 3:44am 
good job for your game! so nice to see it in 1.0!
SuperWaffle Oct 6 @ 3:58pm 
Any sort of ETA on the "complete" game?

I know devs hate that question but I love what I've played of this game and I just want to know if it'll be out this year or so.

I waaaaaaaant it!
Shyning Oct 4 @ 4:30pm 
Congrats !
As an Indiegogo, I've been watching this game grow from the updates, closely monitoring its improvements. Sadly, I don't part in betas anymore, only on rare occasion because it spoilt too much the "final" release for me.
I'll still be waiting for the full content before playing but as I said, I've been watching it closely and I've loved the gameplay. Only thing left for me is to wait a tad' more and get to play it :)
Again, bravo !
AmedaGintoki Sep 30 @ 9:07am 
Good job!
Nigerian_ Midget Sep 28 @ 9:11pm 
i have one issue with the update.... YOU CHANGED AUTUMNS RISE MUSIC IT WAS PERFECT BEFORE!!!
Tabibito Nekozuki Sep 25 @ 11:28am 
I was waiting for so long to play the complete game, and finally it's a 1.0 version! But i still have to restrain myself because it's still not "full" yet! :steamsalty:

킬제이 Sep 25 @ 5:39am 
아 참, 이게임 혹시 안해보신분들. 바로 사세요. 사람들이 잘 모르는 완전 힙한 게임입니다. 크로스코드 알면 인싸임. 리얼루다가 굉장히 굉장하고 엄청나게 엄청난 게임이라구요
킬제이 Sep 25 @ 5:38am 
정말 너무 고생 많으셨습니다! 오래 기다린만큼 더욱 더 흥하는 갓겜 되길 바랍니다. :steamhappy:
darkchaos125 Sep 24 @ 2:41pm 
WOOOOOT! Time to do this!