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It's been almost 2 months since our 1.1 Release[], so we thought it's due time for another update. Let's jump right into it!

Version 1.2
Version 1.2 will include a feature that was a stretch goal in our IndieGogo campaign back in 2015: New Game Plus. As such we didn't just wanted to let you replay the game and keep all your stuff. We wanted to add more options for players to customize their playthrough with different options. And we actually laid down the groundwork for this pretty early on. Remember that trophies had a value attached to them? Yes, they did! And they weren't for show.

Once you have a save file with a clear mark (this little star under the level display) selecting New Game from the title menu will now prompt this little selection. Selecting the right hand option lets you use your combined trophy points to customize your game! How? Well there are a lot of options...

These here are just some of the options you have, but as you can see we do feature the usual culprits like carrying over items or increasing EXP/Money. However more unique modifiers are also on the table which can alter the gameplay quite drastically.
Combining different combat modifiers and enemy related options can make the game very challenging or make you insanely overpowered. The choice here is yours!

Here's a little example of what happens when combining Dash Master and Witch Time:
(sorry for the bare link, the clip got a bit too long :P)

Selecting any option from the Carry-Over group will let you select a clear file that will be used to import items, levels and so on. And yes this means, that by importing saves you can quickly jump into new game plus too! Just in case someone needs it!

Release Date
Content wise most of the features we wanted to implemented are already implemented (in fact only 3 of 42 are currently still WIP). We want to push the update to our internal beta testers very soon and make sure everything is sound. Since we are also including new dialogs (and maybe even quests) in the update it will takes a tiny bit more time to really test all of it. Because of this we can't give you an exact date on the 1.2 release. But we do our best to get it done as soon as possible, pinky promise!

Other Stuff
The last couple of weeks our team was busy visiting some events and also having a big trip to Japan so we took that time to unwind a bit and relaxed.
But that doesn’t mean we didn’t work on other CrossCode related stuff! It's just content we don't want to share just yet to not spoil the surprise.

Alright, that's it for this update! Until next time!
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