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Transcendence 1.9 is an important release for us. Transcendence has always been a niche game—a hidden gem—that takes some effort to appreciate. 1.9 is designed to attract a larger audience. We will fix most of the unpolished parts of the game while doubling-down on what makes the game great: exploration, interesting mechanics, and a fully realized universe.

In this video, developer George Moromisato talks about some of the new features in 1.9 Beta 4:

Here's a list of the major features:

  • Radiation mines for Sapiens: Sapiens are the only sovereign to use radiation weapons. In Beta 4 I’ve given them radiation mines to protect their stations.

  • Dwarg missile defense: Dwarg stations now have a way to disrupt tracking missiles causing them to veer away.

  • Shields for Heliotropes: Heliotropes are masters of energy production and can afford to power massive shield generators to defend their stations.

  • Ranx freighter: The workhorse weapon for the Ranx is the Akan 30, which requires large amounts of ammunition. In Beta 4, Ranx freighters move through the system supplying stations.

  • Domina powers UI: Beta 4 improves the user interface for invoking Domina powers (and CDM shard powers). In addition to showing an icon for each power, we show a cool-down timer to tell when the power will be available again.

  • Squadron UI: The new squadron UI integrates the communications menu and the auton bay screen. You can now deploy, command, and view wingmates and autons from one screen. The new screen even shows you ships that you’ve left in other system.

1.9 Beta 4 will be the last major beta before the final 1.9 release. We'd love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think!

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