The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Patch Notes: Game Update 2.9

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shadowshiv Apr 15 @ 9:50pm 
Nice bug it introduced. Creatures equipped with Stendarr's Hammer are only allowed to attack creatures, yet it was able to hit me. That should NOT happen!!!
AvenDoram Apr 15 @ 6:29pm 
How long until you guys decide to create a "Standard Mode" and "Wild Mode?"

Because that looks like the path you're headed with "filtering out" older types in arena. Maybe you should make Solo Arena and Versus Arena have a different card pool. Because why am I fighting beast forms or factotums when I have no access to them?

Good to hear you're going to stop support for all other keywords. If you don't print any Treasure Hunt, Assemble, Beast Form, Shouts, Dragons, Duel Cards, Rally, Exalt, Plot, in the next expansion. My support for you and the game is done.

A good card game keeps the older mechanics around and expands on them. Maybe I assumed too much that this would be a good card game and wouldn't pull the same garbage Hearthstone did.
BMP_rus Apr 15 @ 10:47am 
круто, круто
Mauro Silva Apr 15 @ 9:54am 
falaram que não ia ter interrupções na nova atualização e já estão em manutenção poxa sacanagem !!! Legends
dc27 Apr 15 @ 9:26am 
same problem here
Morpheuskibbe Apr 15 @ 9:11am 
Game wont start anymore. Loading bar jams at 90ish%