Interstellar Rift

Interstellar Rift

Patch notes for Interstellar Rift ALPHA 0.1.55

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Nysch Feb 18 @ 8:38pm 
@Lvcian - Unlikely - but possible.
Lvcian Feb 11 @ 8:14pm 
I sure hope this new escape shuttle leads to a shuttle bay we can use to get from ship to ship as well as for light combat (maybe...) but mostly for having another way to get from ship to ship.
Kunu Feb 11 @ 1:20pm 
true but there is no way of telling who might just shoot you in the back for your stuff. Unless that is the server you happen to be playing on specifically discourages and prohibits such behavior. Otherwise nothing is safe, question everyone...
Nysch Feb 11 @ 1:17pm 
@Kunu - I don't know about that - but it definitely effects all combat not just PvP - Skrill killing your ship also trigger the death state, and the death orb is only accessible IF you can board anothers ship - which most of the time you can warp away by the time they hack access :p

In any case we knew this was coming so it's not like it's a surprise - but look on the bright side - this development also encourages team-play as it is now more than ever important to consider who's on your team and how you can work together to protect your stuff.
Kunu Feb 11 @ 1:03pm 
"- player inventory now clears when player dies

- added player death orb
spawns when a player dies with anything in their inventory
allows anyone to loot the dead player's inventory
players killed by admin commands will keep their inventory"

Another step towards a full PvP environment : /
AmpleNickel4262 Feb 10 @ 6:45pm 
Haven't played the game in a while, have they added more weapons yet? Like ship weapons? I really only play these games to design ships and fly them around, not to play the survival mechanics.
✪Mr.BigBoss Feb 9 @ 1:56pm 
Can someone gift it to me please?
Nysch Feb 9 @ 10:34am 
10m is for very high mass ships - I wouldn't get too excited about it. The Average ~100k Mass Vessel (a small ship by most standards) takes about 1m 30s to blow up from the time its armor reaches 0 (unless they tweaked the values since Experimental)
Oh and yes, nice update! Don't stop :)
On one Spacebuild server in Garrys Mod I had pretty big station. There was selfdestruct mod, also depending on ship mass. I really loved to just launch it and watch it. it was like about 1 minute, and it was awesome. but yeah, 10 minutes may be pretty a lot. But nothing is permament, right? :)