Офіційна група

Interstellar Rift

Профіль _

36,065 у групі  |  903 у грі  |  14,073 У мережі  |  38 у чаті групи

Не надано жодної інформації.

Оголошення _
  • Framerate limiter can now only be limited down to 30fps, replaced slider with a listbox (prevents people from accidentally setting their FPS to slideshow mode)

  • Added giveToolFleet and giveToolCrew commands to insert tools to a player's fleet/crew

  • Service drones now extinguish fires

  • Optimized memory usage of star systems

  • Fixed an error that could occur when a player logged out immediately after teleporting

  • Selecting props by pressing tab in the editor when hovering over them no longer allows players to place generated tiles (like parts of bridges)

  • Fixed the quantum thermal extractor encyclopedia texture path

  • Avoid crashing if WMI is unavailable

  • Output spawnCustomAsteroid syntax help in more cases where the command would previously fail

  • Fixed some issues with the command to spawn a custom asteroid field

  • Fixed some issues with the command to spawn a custom rich/large asteroid

  • Cargo teleporter automation cartridge now respects access rights

  • Drones can now only deliver resources the devices where the creator of the drone has operate access

  • Fixed an exploit with cached resources on insured ships

  • Fixed a duplication bug with the LibraScan

  • Fixed an issue with the sprinklers where they would not extinguish a fire with a size of one

  • Servers need to be updated

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