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Interstellar Rift

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36,118 в группе  |  659 В игре  |  10,812 В сети  |  38 в чате группы

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Объявления _
  • Added server option to turn off ambiguity checks in server command system
    ("EnableCommandAmbiguityChecks": false)

  • Added removeAsteroidFieldsAroundShip command to remove a spawned asteroid field

  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when viewing a ship someone else tried to upgrade

  • Fixed a server crash that could occur when trying to load a new system when at high memory usage

  • Added more logging info on ship creation via ship construction terminal and entity loader

  • Fixed a bug where client would not correctly receive device state of ships set for sale

  • Fixed a bug where the asteroid spawner spawnrate was 1/20th of what it should be

  • Servers need to be updated
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