A note about Astroneer’s EULA

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Zulu Mar 14 @ 2:20pm 
THEY DON'T TRACK, christ. They got a generic eula and fixed it
King Mar 14 @ 1:42pm 
Do you not offer an opt-in for tracking in your game? I was considering buying this game, but this has put me off it for now.

Also I strongly recommend you revisit your privacy policy and revise it as well, because it seems it's just a copy of this:
DMNS Mar 13 @ 7:56pm 
Thanks for clearing this up.
Creability Mar 13 @ 11:02am 
The developers keep saying, every day, that they do not collect info about you outside the game nor do they sell your data, it's well documented in their EULA. Stop bothering these people daily with those conspiracy theories for ♥♥♥♥'s sake!
Effi Mar 10 @ 12:08pm 
i would have played the game, but somethings does not seam right:
"THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE. This Software may contain third party software that requires notices and/or additional terms and conditions (including, without limitation, analytics software and ad serving technologies as discussed below). Such required third party software notices and/or additional terms and conditions are located on System Era website at , and such terms are made a part of and incorporated by reference into this Agreement."
c0okIesan Mar 8 @ 5:55pm 
"Our use of your information may include (1) the collection of your information by us, as described in our and our Privacy Policy; and (2) the transfer of the information we collect to our affiliates, vendors, business partners, and to other third parties, including, without limitation, your home country, the United States government, and other sovereign countries. You understand and agree that your country and/or other countries in which your information is transferred (or used) by us, our affiliates, or our third parties may have lower standards of privacy protection."

That means you do collect our information. This is from your new EULA. According to your assurance, that you do not collect our data, how do you justify this?
「Zegger」 Mar 5 @ 12:54pm 
I don't get this eula thing but my pc needs to reformat so I guess I'll play this game before
Pepe Mar 5 @ 12:19pm 
Get a f*** life. Why are you so concerned about a game about that comes from an independent developer? GO cry about Facebook/Apple/Google ones, they're pretty scaring in some parts and I don't see anyone crying about it.
eonix  [developer] Mar 4 @ 2:24pm 
@uryuvkos - We didn't mention it because our Privacy Policy already does:

"Neither we nor our third-party business partners or affiliates or developers intend to sell, share or rent information obtained from our Websites, Services, and Software, other than as discussed in this Privacy Policy."
CR33P Mar 4 @ 11:39am 
ROFL at the people who bothered to read the EULA. Please NEVER read any Apple EULAs. you WILL have a seizure.