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The previous announcement had to do with an update that we've been hard at work on. We currently are juggling work on four other projects, one of them being the upcoming Harmonious Prelude update[]. So let's talk about the progress on the next update for Galacide:

Mouse Control
The largest new feature for Galacide in the next update will be Mouse Control. Currently, we force everyone to navigate the menus using WASD or keyboard arrows, which really sucks. This was because Galacide was originally created on such an earlier version of Unreal Engine 4, that made it impossible for us to produce a mouse cursor easily.

We understand that, in order for Galacide to be successful on future platforms, and for players to have immediate understanding and enjoyment, they need to use a mouse on PC/Mac/Linux. So, one of our talented UE4 programmers, Michael Lee, has been hard at work on re-building the menus from the ground up to support the UMG system that UE4 provides us. Here's a video of his progress:

Mac OSX Port
Unreal Engine 4 has certainly provided much better support for Mac in recent years, and we're finding that Galacide runs at 60fps or better on a pretty old Mac we have for building and testing. We'll be updating Galacide and offering a Mac version of the game in our next release! We hope that this isn't our last platform, as we'd love to put Galacide on consoles in the future. More on that later :)

In addition, out of the box we only offered Galacide in English. Updated versions of Unreal Engine 4 have made it much easier for us to localize the text throughout the game. We're hard at work crowdsourcing translations for Galacide, and hope to implement everything for the next update.

More changes?
We've heard a lot of the feedback on Galacide, and while enjoyable for most, it seems people tend to prefer the split between SHMUP and Puzzle. We've toyed around with changes to levels to increase this gap, and we're having internal discussions. We'll followup in the next few months with more information on what this looks like.

Thanks for reading!
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