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Patch two of the Death’s Gambit Beta branch is here!

Note: The beta will be live through Thursday April 4 at 8AM PST / 11AM ET. At this time we'll be bringing it down to review all of the received feedback.

The feedback we are looking for
We would like your feedback to focus on balance, and any stray bugs you find as well. We suspect that certain builds are much stronger than others, so feel free to experiment and tell us which talent builds feel too strong or too weak. We are not looking for suggestions on new talents, new abilities, or new content. Please keep your feedback focused to what’s present and playable in the build and adjustments we could make to existing talents.

For balance feedback keep the following in mind -
  • The third page talent page will only become accessible once you beat a certain boss 60% of the way through the game.
  • The fourth page will be unlocked near the end of your first playthrough.
  • In order to get better balance feedback we have locked these two talent pages from characters in NG+0.
  • If you play a character in NG+ pages 3 and 4 will be unlocked.
  • The following areas are blocked off for the sake of the test: Obsidian Vale, Amulvaro’s Observatory, Journey’s End, Caer Siorai, Ylnoth.
  • The boss “Cusith” is also not accessible in this build.
  • All the new talents do not have finished icon art. These will be replaced later in development

NG+ Shortcut
To expedite your ability to experiment with builds you can now skip to the NG+ selection screen by pressing the ‘N’ key.

Accessing The Beta Branch
To access the beta branch please join our Discord at for complete instructions.

---- Beta Branch Patch 2 Notes ----


  • You now have 12 save slots, up from 4.
  • You can now select more than one trait at the same time at the character creation screen
  • Game now supports steam cloud saving.
  • Zuma now sells a new Spellblade ability.
  • The secondary Bloodknight tree now a has a new talent: “Axe Retaliation.”
  • The Soldier class now starts with a longsword and the Sentinel class now starts with a greatsword.
  • Parrying is now tied to the interact button as opposed to the primary attack button.
  • Character movement upgrades now appear at the bottom left of the inventory screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed gamepad controls for ability inventory UI.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not air dash again until you landed on a non jump-through platform.
  • Character “respec” now works correctly with the new talent trees.
  • Slimes can no longer give experience twice.
  • Fixed an issue with fink VO’s sometimes overlapping.
  • Can no longer double jump over Origa’s first cutscene in the church.
  • Fixed cape floating behind player during knockback animation.
  • Fixed Assassination reflections talent not working correctly.
  • Fixed X slash mastery talent not working correctly.
  • 2 lightning orb tome ability now works correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause player to no longer be able to parry.
  • Fixed a crash related to the heroic lunge ability.
  • Can no longer go out of bounds in Ylnoth with double jump


  • Damage hitbox for spears, halberds, and a few weapon abilities have been tweaked to be more precise. They would sometimes hit enemies and allies behind you.
  • Divine Force ability now lasts 8 seconds.
  • Explosive expert now only works once every time after using an ability.
  • Lightning Power now increases damage of lightning based attacks by 20% for 20 seconds, down from 40% for 20 seconds. Tooltip in talents screen needs to be updated.
  • Basic tome attacks no longer deal lightning damage.
  • Rebalanced most weapon damage values and new talents slightly. The goal was to bring certain weapons and character builds more in line with others. Here are some of the biggest changes:
  • Longsword basic attacks deal more damage.
  • Basic axe attacks deal less damage. New talents more than make up for this.
  • Scythe reap ability deals less damage. Basic Scythe damage increased. We still plan on making a few small tweaks to the scythe.
  • Dark Tome abilities deal less damage.
  • Moved around many talents to improve balance curve.
  • Soul Block talent from the acolyte talent tree into the general talent tree.
  • Soul Feather moved in the basic talent tree
  • Blood of the Phoenix moved in the basic talent tree
  • Many more small fixes and improvements.

The following are known issues that we are still working on:
  • The map screen is still WIP
  • Some computer resolutions will experience slowdowns in this build. We are working on this issue.
  • Some talent effects do not work on golden knight enemies
  • Divekick can be used even if you have no stamina at the moment.
  • Some boss journals have the wrong text and/or are placed in the incorrect location
  • The background during the Origa bossfight is missing some art
  • Golden Carrots are still WIP...
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