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Codename CURE

CURE Final Release 1.0

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Jackerino Jul 15 @ 2:53pm 
There's no Source Mod where you can make unique custom weapons on the Workshop. There's servers who are creative though, and they switch between stat configs and such to emulate having multiple weapons.

And you can replace weapons with other weapons. You just can't make completely new ones.

And he has an SMG, because he's a healer, and if he had an LMG, he'd be ridiculously op. I'm not sure where you got the idea that Support traditionally has an LMG; that'd be like giving the Medic from TF2 the medigun AND a minigun.
grisc22 Jul 15 @ 8:22am 
it is a bit ♥♥♥♥♥♥ that you cant make modded weapons. and why does support have an SMG?
support traditionally has an LMG... anyway, great game. only remembered to download this morning. was going to back in 2015.
grisc22 Jul 15 @ 8:19am 

it saddens me. i originally heard of this game ages ago, and i thought it had great potential.
now we have a still very fun but rather outdated version of cod zombies/ left for dead.

BTW, whats the game you're working on going to be like?
Jackerino Jun 30 @ 4:34am 
If you're interested, I can give you the Discord link. Everyone's welcome!
Jackerino Jun 30 @ 4:33am 
In the meantime though, we've been developing another game, which, will cost money, but, unlike most modern models, buying the game gives you the entire game. No extra fees for anything else.

We just wanted to make a fun game. And we still pushed on and on in order to get this game to v1.0. We needed money to keep the servers running but we never got any, so we had to use our funds to help us in the long run.
Jackerino Jun 30 @ 4:33am 
Erm, no. We need money to make servers. If we got donations, we would've been able to hold up official servers. Unfortunately we couldn't, but there was plenty of Community Members who were very thoughtful in donating their own servers instead, which we're extremely grateful for. Otherwise, we hit final release, and our time is best spent working on something we can afford.

I still work on this game from time to time myself, however the projects are usually ambitious and are planned to be on the Workshop instead of in official releases. We also have a Discord server where we're quite active, and I spent as much time as I can on the Discussions. (Continued in another comment.)
Rodirik Jun 29 @ 4:34pm 
So was it the goal of this mod to get money? That sucks.
Jackerino May 1 @ 6:27pm 
We were going to continue developing the game if we got sufficient enough donations, but unfortunately, not a single soul donated. So we simply couldn't afford it. I sincerely hope anybody would even buy this anyway. Regardless, it's out of EA, so it's done. There's no real reason to work on it.
pebisibieps May 1 @ 1:52pm 
Very sad to hear these news! May there be any chance that you will return to the game? Or perhaps you could also let someone else develop this game.
Jackerino Apr 28 @ 7:21pm 
There will never be any more content updates. That's what final means.