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The Universim: Executive Branch Patch Notes V0.0.30

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GrizleyBag 9 hours ago 
I got to play an earlier version of the alpha a while back on a friends computer and thought the concept of this game is amazing! Ever since then I have been keeping watch on the patch updates waiting for it to become a more fully flushed out game, and now it seems pretty darn close! The only thing i REALLY, really want to be added to this game is the option to custom build roads and paths/ arrange the placement of buildings. At the current moment, while he worlds look incredible they become covered and very cluttered, but cool, looking. To be able to add paths and arrange the buildings would add so many more potential hours of customization to the game while making the worlds feel individual and unique.
ThePigeonHOLE 10 hours ago 
@marman6288 i also have the same population problem that i noted on the 2nd page of this, it seems the nugget lifespan was decreased by alot. So they are dying off too quickly before new nuggets come to life to fill those gaps.
marman6288 16 hours ago 
I think the game need some directions, I don't mean a linear tutorial, but somehow a good information system that let you understand why are you failing, for example I do not have a clue why my civilization decays in population when they reach 200, I suspect it could be not enough hospitals or herbs for the hopitals, but even when I have plenty of it that also happens (and they have every resource an high hapiness). I would like to know why I am faling (add some notifications or narrations) in order to be able to distinguis my mistakes with possible glitches.
Kodus 19 hours ago 
i am a gtx 1080 3gb user, this game is well optimized.
JjocoFi Feb 14 @ 9:22pm 
I am a GTX960 user. This game is not optimized?
Trender Feb 14 @ 11:36am 
nice work guys!
KillerBee <3 Feb 14 @ 3:23am 
@Jakob: This is a platform to post feedback. I dont have time to do any research so this is the only help I can do. If my posts are nonsense, then the delevopers will ignore or not regard them.
JAKOB Feb 13 @ 9:15am 
KillerBee, you really... really... need to do your research before sending feedback. I'm sick right now, so I'm not gonna explain every misunderstanding factor in your feedback. But just for one instance; it doesnt try to satisfy every order, it depends heavily on the factors of Nugget Revolution, go google that and you'll see what I mean.
KillerBee <3 Feb 13 @ 8:23am 
And putting the language setting to spanish for all users is a litte bit confusing :-)
KillerBee <3 Feb 13 @ 8:21am 
second part: (because of 1000 letters limit)

It raises the suspicion, that the performance of the game has suffered. I cannot see any difference between the three games speeds. Why the games snacks so much performance? Regarding this topic I also feel the need of increasing the games speed. It runs very slowly and was one reason why I quited the game today after 2 hours.

Hopefully this helps to improve the game.

Best regards