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This is just a follow-up to my post in the forum. Seeing as there are now some news outlets[] picking up on my latest advisory, I figured I should issue another official statement - I guess.

The thing with MMO games is that you can't just turn off the switch, move it, then plug it all back in. Plus, with Alganon, there are other things that need to be sorted out.

I used gamigo (in my forum post) for a specific reason because it's the latest such acquisition (they bought Trion Worlds - who were insolvent - via an assignment for the benefit of creditors deal) whereby everything remains "in place" and it's business as usual. There's basically nothing to transfer, transition etc.

In the case of Alganon, aside from the fact that it was never deployed outside of the US, was never localized, doesn't support cloud servers etc, it's a massive undertaking to transition. I bought it from the investors because, like all my games, my goal is to bring it back online and keep it going until the wheels come off because it can pay for itself in the long term.

The biggest challenge is that you can't just launch an MMO game these days. It's a lot more challenging, astoundingly costly, and without marketing you're just asking for trouble while delaying the inevitable. It's why I chose not to relaunch it myself; but instead seek out international partners so that it can be re-launched in key territories, marketed appropriately etc - and with much fanfare. And through all that, we can also do some cosmetic revisions over time because some of the visual assets do need some minor updating.

Being a 100% completed game (we finished it back in 2011 after I took it over in 2010; and I also funded a large expansion pack, got it on Steam etc few years later) that is basically a hands-off SaaS model, it's not like I have a massive overheard to operate and run it. I could bring it online in a matter of days if I wanted to; but there is no rush or incentive to do so. Especially since there are lots of moving parts involved with the process. Not to mention the fact that it was still running on legacy bare-metal Dell hardware (datacenter co-lo) that was procured back in 2006 (!!) - long before my involvement in the project.

FYI. At the time I took it offline, the game had about 250K unique accounts, and a pretty decent DAU/MAU. Sure it wasn't lighting up charts, bank accounts or anything, but it was doing OK - considering that it was at the stage where we barely touched it, except to reboot the master/auth servers once in awhile. But, like SoTA and similar games, it had a dedicated user base.

And also, we didn't have enough of an involvement in terms of team community engagement due to lack of resources (mostly funding; since I don't have the luxury of spending other peoples money) to go "big".

Alganon will be back. Eventually.
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