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A new update has been released for BlastZone 2. (v1.32.7.3) The biggest update in this release is that the game executable is now built as a native 64 bit binary, eliminating the need for a 32 bit compatibility layer. Advantages of this include faster loading times and a much higher memory usage limit. To use the new 64 bit version, no special action is needed besides the usual Steam game update, it will auto detect which version is best suited for your setup. That means 32 bit systems are still compatible with the game, and those users will receive the 32 bit version of the latest game update.

This update also includes lower memory usage during loading screens and a 1-2% performance boost. More details are below.

Here are the full release notes for v1.32.7.3:
  • Added native 64bit binaries for the game
    -Replaced the main game executable and all DLL files with native 64bit versions
    -32bit versions are also available for the latest version of the game for those running a 32bit OS
    -Benefits of 64bit include faster loading times, and support for greater than 1.8gb of ram
    -This allows the game to run natively in a 64bit OS without depending on a 32bit compatibility layer
  • Fixed a rare case when the game speed could slow down when running on a low end CPU
    -This used to occur when there was a heavier load on the simulation/update thread than the render thread
  • Optimized matrix operations across many objects; reduces update thread workload
    -Eliminates unnecessary calculations for components that don't need to be updated
    -Improves overall performance by up to 1-2%
  • Reduced memory usage overhead when loading models by up to 25%
    -Uses 10% lower memory overall during the startup loading bar
    -When switching backgrounds with Extreme quality terrain, reduces memory usage while loading by 100mb
    --Other terrain quality settings also reduce memory usage, but the difference is proportionally less
    -This also slightly improves loading times
As usual, to make sure you have the latest update, launch the game and check the lower left corner for “v1.32.7.3” or higher. Enjoy!

**UPDATE** - A 64 bit compatibility issue has been reported for Windows 7, so the 64 bit version of v1.32.7.3 has been disabled while the issue is looked into. All users will use the 32 bit version for now until the issue is resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience.

**UPDATE #2** - The previously mentioned 64 bit Windows 7 compatibility issue has been fixed and update released. The native 64 bit version has been restored as well. If you have problems starting the game under Windows 7, please restart Steam to ensure you have the latest update.
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