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Natural Soccer 1.4.11 Available Featuring Various Gameplay Improvements

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Vule Nov 14, 2017 @ 11:30am 
Wow, thanx for fast responses and for altering the achievements. I really appreciate, Steam would be a lot better place if all developers were like you! I rarely write reviews, but you and your game deserve positive reviews for sure. I wrote one in that regard, posting it right now. Thank you a lot once more, hands down.
schleinzer  [developer] Nov 14, 2017 @ 10:17am 
Thank you VERY much for your positive feedback - really happy that you like the game - and thanks for your humbling comment in regard to those classics :-) If you haven't already PLEASE DO leave a review as the "mixed" score really is a show stopper for the game :-/

As for the achievements: thanks A LOT for your insights - you seem far more "in to that" than I am and what you write makes perfect sense. So I removed the 100.000 goals achievement.

The hidden achievements were actually not too hard to get, but just not yet implemented: win shorthanded and score a late winner. I deleted them for now until the code is ready to avoid the confusion.

Thanks again!
Vule Nov 13, 2017 @ 4:35pm 
The decision is yours, but i tried to help you to maybe reconsider some of those achievements (100.000 goals first of all) because they might become a wall for a number of players. This game should be (first of all) relaxing and fun game, hard or grindy achievements just don't go along with it. All the rest about the game i can only say the best things - the game is great, i had a lot of fun with it, reminds me of my favorite football games from Amiga and old PC like Sensible Soccer, Goal, etc. You were the only developer who have made football arcade game close and good enough to those after early 90's. The game is great, but i also hope that you will alter some of the achievements.

p.s. sorry for 3 messages but number of characters is limited (per message).
Vule Nov 13, 2017 @ 4:33pm 
If they were hard from the start, then people who care about achievements might just have skipped the game (yes, only for that reason). Please keep on mind the genre dimension (genre like football which shouldn't include grindy achievements). Therefore, i think that you should reconsider all this matter and remove that 100.000 goals achievement (maybe even those secret achievements, depends if they are hard to get, but i can't check that anywhere since i can't find anything about them on gogle) because it is really crazy hard to get. Imagine, you play 6 x 10 minutes match a day (1 hour) and you score 3-5 goals per match (even if it is 5, 5x6 = 30 goals per hour) so i have to play the game every day for 3333 days (10 years) to get that achievement? That will make certain number of players (including me) to think even not to play the game again, because that achievement (and maybe more) is close to be impossible (like a broken achievement), which means the game can't be done 100%.
Vule Nov 13, 2017 @ 4:30pm 
There are many people who care about achievements in different ways (perfectionists - that care about perfect games only, along with them people who care about average completion rate (%), achievements - total, or all this together). Personally i care a lot about my average completion rate, but also achievements total and perfect games. Many sites have been made only for this purpose (astats,, and others) where you can see that for yourself.

Anyway, i want to point out that there are games (like Grim Dawn, my favorite game, arpg) that need even 1000+ hours to be completed 100%. But, in arcade genre like football, or games that (first of all) have some relaxing and fun note in it, i think that hard or grindy achievements just don't fit there well. Along with that, adding new achievements almost always make people rage (check discussion on the game Refunct after the dev added new speedrun achievements), except those achievements are easy to get.
schleinzer  [developer] Nov 13, 2017 @ 10:02am 
Thanks for your valuable input!

Actually, the 100.000 really IS hard to get. But please keep in mind that Natural Soccer is an arcade soccer game in which you score MUCH more often than in real life.

Furthermore, this achievement is there to not only see if you've unlocked it, which really is hard, but just to compare how many goals you have scored so far.

There are also 1, 100 and 1.000 goals achievements - these are "real" unlockable ones :-)

Does this make sense to you or am I mistaken about STEAM achievements (not really experienced in that regard...)?

Thanks again!
Vule Nov 11, 2017 @ 4:55pm 
Hello, first of all thanx for the nice game that i enjoyed playing with a friend. But i have to say something about newly added achievements. One of your achievements looks way too grindy - 100.000 goals. I mean.. rly? Not sure about the rest, since there is 3 hidden so i dont know how hard is to get those. Keep on mind that there are people who care about the achievements, so i would kindly ask you to take that in consideration and alter that 1 achievement (or those hidden ones, if they are too grindy or hard). 1.000 goals maybe looks acceptable, but 100.000? Thanx in advance.