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A long time coming... 1.5 is a major update.

The 2 biggest takeaways are that
1) Multiplayer is live and available.
2) The entire games speed has been raised x1.5 everything is faster across the board (watch out Khuy!).
3) Boost has been changed so that you cannot boost unless at minimum temperature.
4) DLC for MP has been added. 2 for now, more to come!

Enjoy the following comprehensive change list:

Version 1.5.01 Update:
• Create Lobby as Open or League. League stays locked once created.
• Lobby Chat added.
• Smoothing Skimmer Extrapolations to Update, not FixedUpdate
• Damage, Collisions, Quick Respawn toggles Added but not implemented
• Time of Day, Buy In, Laps
• Start Gate Timer to 45 second delay for extra long load times
• After race, rejoining in Lobby immediately if lobby exists
• Player Record on Request
• Race Position UI fixed
• Removed Drag from Components to increase high speed stability for all skimmers
• Adjusted Store skimmers
• Edit UI Changes
• Garage Test Bugs fixed
• Edit Axis improved
• Changed ECU Advanced Panel bounds

Version 1.5.03 Update:
• Bug fix for starting on same pad as somebody else. Have a backup physical check after assigned check.
• Connected player count more accurate during racing.
• Improved motion extrapolation.
• Fixed multiple copies for client skim part position assignments.
• Complete rework of network transport code. Skimmer positions are now more accurate, more often, with much less bandwidth and cpu overhead.
• Heat model altered to have a lower maximum ramp value.
• Leader-board times saved as a float again, was accidentally rounding.
• Bay text altered to have less decimal places, cleaner text.
• Quill dashboard fuel gauge broken. Fixed.

Version 1.5.05 Update (including 1.5.04):
• Heat Ramp modified to return to 0 quicker, max value reduced.
• MP stat tracking system implemented.
• MP badge system implemented.
• MP record set independent of Single Player.

Version 1.5.06
• Lobby List element altered and simplified
• Lobby List Private/Public option added
• Lobby data condensed
• Request to Join altered and filtered based on room settings
• Record Request altered and filtered based on client permissions
• Kick Pilot button added
• Record system slightly improved.
• Badge system additions
• Client skimmers now throw out outdated position updates
• Prize divvy formula improved
• Title UI "Campaign" named back to "Garage"
• Exit from lobby now goes straight to Garage

Version 1.5.07
• Lobby min player added (2)
• Record system modified for trophy badges.
• Win Tally format improved and updated
• Win Tally now supports MP. Pilots show up in your tally board after a race.
• Minor performance updates.

Version 1.5.09
• Power system reworked for more overall speed across all skim tiers**
• Boost system reworked for shorter on-Boost and minTemp lockout
• Brake system reworked
• Store UI refreshed
• HammerHead Cockpit Seat raised
• Hopper Cockpit refreshed
• Garage Lift Thruster program panel default bug fix
• Skimmer crash in test area to reset skimmer
• Alert system relocated to top bar
• Screen exposure reduced
• Bias added to 3rd person HUD.

Version 1.5.10
• Pilot customization system added
• Pilot model updated
• Pilots added to bots and clients
• Min Temp bug fixed when skimmer turned off.
• Intro Pilot sequence update
• Cockpit model optimization changed
• Updated IK optimization to include source and target motion
• Added pilot spine IK. Shoulders and chest now follow head in VR.

Version 1.5.11
• Improved Grit Helmet to move with shoulders
• Coded in DLC ownership to helmets (beta is overridden)
• Added sfx to chat message
• Added notification when new player joins your lobby
• Warning popup when inviting friend from friendlist

Version 1.5.12
• Locked Down Racewear sets to DLC ownership only (sorry Beta folks!)
• Set up multiple backup systems for race start in the events of pilots or host dropping out before race start.
• Warning if Host Migration
• Warning if Last Pilot in Match
• Reworked some pilot record qualifications
• Garage Skimmer Stable now updates directly after flight test build.
• Garage Skimmer Specifications updates directly after flight test build.
• Ghost replay and leaderboard recording re-enabled.

Version 1.5.13-1.5.14
• Reworked Gate start timing for MP, fallback is 45 seconds, auto start if all players are accounted for. Late players will have to catch up!
• Completely disabled collisions in MP until a better "softer" solution can be made.
• Created several Steam and internet checks. If Steam is disconnect, race will end to combat an exploit of prize winnings.
• Fixed a bug on certain computers where even disabled trackIR code would break cockpit view.
• Lobby auto creates if none present.
• Lobby reworked update for when in multiplayer mode only.
• Maximum Radiator amounts limited to 6. Don't pretend you don't know why.

A side note:
I have tried really hard to test MP to the best of my ability, but there is a high chance that there will still be unresolved bugs and glitches. I want nothing but the best experience for the player, so will be updating it as soon as I can.

If you like the game, give it a review on Steam, its great to get the game more exposure and does wonders for my self-esteem. If you dont like it. Tell me why and there is a good chance I can do something about it.

Thanks and enjoy.
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