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This update includes the release of the Sinter DLC


Get to the races with this stylish but mostly functional engineer's helmet and thermal suit!

Updates to 1.5.2 include (PC only update, others on the way):
• Raised max fps to 120.
• Fixed a mirrored-part bug in the garage editor.
• Reworked the VR detection system to be all inclusive rather than exclusive support. (WMD and Index people, please let me know if it starts working better for you)
• Fixed VR bug that caused double vision in one eye. (Auto Disable Motion Blur for VR)
• Overall skimmer crash cost reduced.
• Removed ECU controlling Vector install limit, now all installs are limited to 6 Lift vectors, but now you can install them without putting an ECU in first.
• TrackIR re-installed and functional again.

If you are enjoying the experience, give the game a good review and as always let me know any question or comments on the forums. Join the Discord server here: https://discord.gg/DyNRuAF


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