ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

Dino TLC Update: Phase One Info & more!

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FillipsonTheGreat Mar 8 @ 9:15pm 
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michelle Feb 23 @ 3:48am 
я хочу порекомендовать всем,НО это игра для людей которые хорошо умеют выживать!!!А так всем РЕКАМЕНДУЮ:steamhappy:
PineappleWarrior230 Feb 10 @ 9:52am 
The devs may already have said this, but how will the tlc update effect dinos you have tamed? (ex. you have a tamed rex before the update, will it keep the old model or will it switch to the new one?)
Lil G.T Feb 9 @ 4:03pm 
I think the next remodels should be the pteranodon, the stego, the Trike, the Carno, and the Sarco. They could also use some new abilities. I feel like the Trike should have a charge meter. The carno should be able to impale enemies with its horns as well as the Stego doing the same with its spikes. The ptera could use a roar or something just to make it cooler. Thank you for all the work you put into this game and I am excited for the content you will share with us in the future!
maxcoa Feb 9 @ 9:39am 
I want a new bronto model and and new attack like being able to rear up on its hind legs and smash with its front like the titanosaur and please chage the titnosaurs name to patagotitan because that is what it is named now.
Dómi Nation Feb 6 @ 3:48pm 
end of comment:

the wyverns are strong stat wise but are impossible to manouver in a pvp situation, it's very easy to out manouver then with other fliers or evade them, to make them as strong as they should be I think they should have the same type of manoubrability as the griffin or the tapejara. PVP wise they are useless, expecially the poison and fire one.

cnidarias are just annoying and broken, the idea that those little ones are able to stop a plesi or a mosa is absolutely ridiculous and should not happen, the large ocean predators should be immune to CC from such tiny creatures.

I think these are the most urgent cases, I hope I gave you useful information and if you read this thank you in advance for bothering.
have a nice day
Dómi Nation Feb 6 @ 3:48pm 

the sarco... it's been ♥♥♥♥ ever since the game was released, small animals can attack it under it's neck and kill it and there's nothing it can do. It needs at the very least a bigger AOE on the bite attack and maybe a tail attack with a large AOE to make it less vulneravle to opponents from multiple directions. The bite attack should also have higher base damage coming from a crocodile that realistically speaking was bigger than the average T-Rex, and yet it has the same base damage as the sabertooth... an animal the size of it's head... the sarco is in a really sad place, this fact is not open for discussion tbh.

the basilisk looks like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sausage due to the excessive thick neck, it's really awkward coming from a new animal, other than that it's perfect, I like the gameplay and stats very much (appart from the poison wyvern attack which I dislike all together, but this is just a personal opinion)- this one is very easy to fix

(just one more)
Dómi Nation Feb 6 @ 3:47pm 
Hello wildcard, I would like to share my thoughts on some animals that could use buffs and changes. This is merely constructive criticism so I hope I can give you guys some insight from a player with more than 3K hours in pvp :)

first of all, the spino, it is way too weak for the size it has and it's pretty much not worth taming at the moment from a practical prespective, it's swimming speed is good but could use a sprint underwater, the swimming animation is also terrible imo.

(I will continue on the next comment)
Salva238 Feb 6 @ 4:10am 
i hopemalso Trike will get an update, is so ugly right now lol. and his animations need a rework too