ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

What's Next: Structures Plus & Kibble Rework

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Silv3rGunna 18 hours ago WARNING:when joining discod type '' ?rank Ark Survival Evolved ''to unlock channels! (the Extinction serve)

Server information: Cluster Server (transfer dino/items from map to map)

Maps: Olympus, Volcano and Extinction

Slots: 30 each (Extinction 70 slots)

Rate: 10x

Location: Germany

Mods: yes (check discord) (olympus) (volcano) (extinction)
Nasbit 21 hours ago 
Only 30sec time for free pickup?! Ok - ill stay with the mod, i dont care then about your "integration" of s+, ill stay with s+-mod...
123 21 hours ago 
I see the same comments on the kibble change "Now I don't have to have 'worthless' dinos" But those dinos are not Worthless. They were part of a kibble/taming tree and provided a huge challenge to the game. Most people only interacted with these dinos by taming them and using them in kibble farms. Now all of that content, 80% of the dinos, will not have any player interaction and is just wasted content.

It seems extremely silly to throw away so much game content that WildCard spent a lot of time modeling and developing.
Bobberson OSP Dec 18 @ 4:16am 
Chill Discord for ARK with frequent events
Elefantenkuh Dec 17 @ 1:46pm 
more content less performance as usual
Scarecrow Dec 15 @ 7:04am 
Can you please nerf the titans. They are easy to tame. They destroy weeks/months of work in minutes. This is not balance. Also the Managarmr is stupid. It's one of the fastest mounts and it a stupid long range attack that can kill people off their tames. Also why does Aberation allow extinction creatures? They are not native. Please focus on what your game needs right now instead of a kibble rework.
IIIMISFIT Dec 14 @ 10:11pm 
Ark's gonna have nothin on this new hotness!
BB1jim1 The Dino Nerd Dec 14 @ 1:45pm 
Since Extinction has been released, can you guys finish scorched earth's ascension?
123 Dec 14 @ 10:45am 
just Nerf titans and i will be happy i lost 3 sever from the titans it takes 3 months to make base tame titan in 10 min wipe it all little bs
RadiationRat Dec 13 @ 12:11pm 
remove climbing picks and the game's community will come back...