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ARK: Survival Evolved

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The Dreamer 22 hours ago 
Yo how many times do i have to buy this game before I have everything? what happened to all future DLC being free?
Eatyourvegs Aug 8 @ 2:24pm 
Wish WildCard would help out low-income families and veterans with all these dlcs and expansions. love the game just hard to pay for it!
NeoTheGhostFox Aug 8 @ 1:30pm 
never mind, it looks like its own pass thing. but I still don't understand it
NeoTheGhostFox Aug 8 @ 1:27pm 
i'm so confused, what's this new expansion thing? it just appeared without notice. why is it 40 dollars? it also doesn't come with the season pass thing.
Meistermime Aug 8 @ 12:47pm 
Yea thats what I needed.
Yet another "hot fix" announcement update what ever which just corrupted my server again. Seriously I stop supporting this dev. team. At all this time they've never stoped to just throw in some loosy hotfix which is not fixing anything at all. And as soon as you find a way to work arround that messed up thing its just a peace treaty for about 2 days.

And be assure I wont buy that season pass which is now showing up every single time i have to restart the game thanks to you. I already bought the other one months ago now i start to regret it and hoping for a refund -_-

"Game is still in development" but demanding AAA full pricing. Stop beeing EA for the love of cultivated people.
Guted Aug 8 @ 12:18pm 
your new version of the game made ShooterGameServer.exe corrupt and unreadable... now I can't host my own server and play with a friend WHO ALSO HAS THE GAME. I hope this is fixed soon. I can't believe it's so hard to play together with two people who own the game. Unbelievable. Please start fixing
HL3YT Aug 8 @ 12:16pm 
It seems to me that it is easier to make a tlc than to improve the performance and graphics, there are dinosaurs that have not yet been improved even as the character that since 2015 that does not receive graphic improvement as the characters of atlas that are better but atlas interested in the least buy it.
HL3YT Aug 8 @ 12:16pm 
They are fixing the game, of course, for over a year I have not seen notable improvements and for a long time that they do not get a tlc, I only ask for the human tlc that is so much to ask since it is easier to improve other errors that are more complicated, it has old graphics and its performance is very bad there are older games like crysis 3 that has better graphics than this other game that the character shows the low polygons as well as the other models of the game.

FeraFenn Aug 8 @ 11:17am 
Love the teaser and ideas <3

Guys.. dont be stupid idiots... current players want to be entertained... they need new stuff and EX is finished for everyone.

just cause they work on a new DLC it doesnt mean that they dont work on fixing issues and bugs.
Sans Aug 8 @ 11:15am 
So cool