Launch version (V1.2) is live! More information to follow

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Nyphur  [developer] Mar 4 @ 5:46am 
@boolybooly Thanks :D. I hope you enjoy the game, we're working hard right now on some unexpected bugs and crashes and then will be focusing on improving balance, and we have our new episodic missions rolling out over the next while and updates on the way including new races etc. We plan to keep this going for a long time, it's our first game and we want to be proud of it.

-- Brendan, Lead Developer
Nyphur  [developer] Mar 4 @ 5:46am 
@Blade Thanks for the heads up, we found a bug in how the system window displays with larger resolutuion and this has now been fixed.

@Nightstalker Thanks :D. The game is moddable right now in that everything is loaded from simple flat files where possible (.png for images, .txt for all the various data files). You can create new races just by copying one of the existing races from the Content/Races folder and changing the directory name, then adding that to the list in races.txt. The only problem is that we don't have a guide yet for modding, so it may be a bit trial and error.

@shadowdragon Custom races is definitely still on the radar, we'll be doing that as part of an update or expansion in future. It should be possible for us to do it as a free update.

-- Brendan, Lead Developer
ShadowDragon_79 Feb 28 @ 9:32am 
It's good to see that you plan to implement modding. :)

But species customisation with trait-selection and such would be nice, too. Any plans for it yet?
I know it'd likely be a lot of balancing to do, so no hurry - I just wanted to voice interest for it... :)
Nightstalker Feb 27 @ 7:59am 
You you guys are nerds alright and glad you made this going and keep going. My question is how moddable is this game? Cause i like to put in custom races or species of my own, not sure how that will work unless i override the default.

I will grab this game tomorrow or soon and look into it.
BLÀde Feb 27 @ 5:20am 
your tutorial is BROKEN. when you get to the part where you have to scan planet with science vessel the scan button is OFF screen to the right impossible to select!
boolybooly Feb 27 @ 1:14am 
Well done, I am glad to hear things are going well for you at b&n and congrats on your award. I can feel a playthrough coming on!
Tinabeans  [developer] Feb 26 @ 8:19pm 
Hey @Donnicton! You have been able to claim that key for quite some time: Just fire an email to earlyaccessrequest[at] to claim yours! :)

Thanks so much for being an early supporter... it means the world.

--TLP, Project Manager
Donnicton Feb 26 @ 7:19pm 
Congratulations on the release! When do you expect people who backed the $25 tier on the 3D Ship Designer will get their keys?
Tinabeans  [developer] Feb 26 @ 7:04pm 
Thanks so much, Brick! We're so far from done, but this is the milestone we've been dreaming about all these years, so it feels so good!

--TLP, Project Manager
Brick79410 Feb 26 @ 6:37pm 
Awesome news, great work!