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List of major changes in the update 0.24

- Another iteration of lighting improvements, shadows, and general optimization of Kimary was carried out.
- Reworked lighting, camera settings, corrected errors with disappearing objects in the distance, and improved the appearance of sand and terrain in the location of the Lighthouse.
- The artificial intelligence of clan base turrets has been substantially updated.
- Now the delivery of valuable resources in the Mountain Park brings clan experience in the amount of 4 units with a daily limit of 400 for each clan.
- Fixed an error that caused a member of the first level clan to receive too much bonus to the Kraft speed.
- Now during the siege it will be impossible to construct new buildings or improve existing ones, only repairs will be available. There will also be no display of places where you can now build a wall, which previously prevented the view during the fighting.
- Fixed an error that restricted low clan ranks to invite players, even if they had the appropriate privileges.
- Now when the wall carrying a turret is destroyed, the turret will also disappear.
- Fixed some errors with RPG weapons in one of the storyline quests Kimary.
- Increased drop from monsters on level 2 of the mine in the Crater. In the mine now appears more veins of agonitum ore.
- In the settings, you can now change the hotkey to use the optical
- Fixed various errors in the localization, data display, and added new notifications for the clan windows, the history of clan actions, the mountain park statistics window, and some others.
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