Star Traders: Frontiers

Star Traders: Frontiers

Update #133: Big Game Hunter

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Trese Brothers  [developer] Feb 10 @ 2:29pm 
@ironmonk there are great salvage talents across many jobs. It's already so high reward :) maybe a rank 15 talent could do gear
Ironmonk Feb 10 @ 2:14pm 
I think Scavengers need some love, you guys should implement a "Salvage Card Swap" talent for "Special Equipment" that can be random for Armor, Weapon, Specialist Gear, Military Gear.


Specific cards for each type, although in that case it would be better to distribute among several classes or create a new one (Treasure Hunter)?
The_True_Meller Feb 9 @ 5:41am 
Oh my! On paper the new Xeno Hunter job looks fantastic, can't wait to try this out. This is pure theory crafting for now, but I think I'm going in with a XH / Soldier / Explorer build, slot 3 crew combat role, aiming for 5/30 crew and plasma + boarding Solar Predator ship.

I love you guys, you haven't only done one of the greatest games perhaps in a whole decade, but you keep on adding and improving stuff constantly, not to mention your super friendly and helpful participation in community boards. If only every dev would do the same... <3
JimmysTheBestCop Feb 8 @ 9:20pm 

I am already planning spot #1 Xeno Hunter Captain with a Snubber. Can't have my XHunter hiding in the back lines!!!!!!
6SidedGames Feb 8 @ 3:25pm 
Love the new Class. Keep it up, guys.
Trese Brothers  [developer] Feb 8 @ 3:06pm 
v2.4.79 -
- Fixed issue that was limiting Xeno Hunter combat Talents to only the backrow -- now can be used from slot 3 or 4
- Fixed odd gear bug with Xeno Hunter characters and certain Talents
-Moonlight丶301 Feb 8 @ 12:40am 
Fear not the xeno
BladeS Feb 7 @ 3:02pm 
OMG I dont think I can handle all the constant new content, starting an overload, head explooooooo..................... Told ya, crazy amazing devs and their brilliant attitude towards continuous content and amazing player support......
=VGF= Frogbones Feb 7 @ 2:27pm 
This and Starsector are my favorite two space games. Love da work!
Trese Brothers  [developer] Feb 7 @ 1:05pm 
Thanks all! Remember to tell a friend and leave a review if you enjoy the constant stream of free updates :D