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2018 has just about wrapped up, so let’s take a look at what’s new since our last devblog, and where Down To One v2 will be kicking off next year!

A change of pace
One of the biggest changes to Down To One v2 will be the new “mode” that the game is played in. It’s not really a mode so much as a new game, as Down To One moves from a Battle-Royale esque, single life, solo concept to a team-based, competitive survival, King-Of-The-Hill.
Specific changes include:
  • There will be three teams that you can join in any round – RedSec, BluSec and Independent.
  • Rounds will now target 60 minutes, or however long it takes for a team to reach 100 points.
  • Each team is awarded points if they control the playable area, by having the most members inside of it.
  • The last 3 minutes of each round will end how classic Down To One rounds finish, with the playable area closing in and respawns disabled, with the last player standing earning extra points for their team.
  • Rounds will now target 60 minutes, or however long it takes for a team to reach 100 points.
This change is important to having a stable playerbase when DTOv2 releases for free. Battle Royale games are simply not sustainable in terms of players required, for all but the absolute largest titles, and this change will allow the game to be played by anyone, at any time, just by joining a currently active round.
Also, the concept stays true to DTO’s original goal of competitive survival – you will still have to loot food, water, weapons, and bandages, and dying will still be a big deal. Essentially, it’s a modernised format of the game that allows for a lot more flexibility. You can now play with your friends, jump on to support your team for 20 minutes and jump off again, and have a lot more options than just having to commit to a full BR game (and then waiting 30 minutes for another round to start if you die 3 minutes in).

Spot the new UI down the bottom right!

New gameplay isn’t worth shouting about without the mechanics to back it up! Vaulting is now a thing in Down To One v2, primarily to get you over ground-based obstacles (like fences) easier.

Cars (well, the one test car) actually works over the network now! #DayZTakeNotes

An easy, simple, and good value monetization system is needed for DTOv2 to keep servers running. After a poll on our official Discord, the "Down To One Competitors Upgrade" is looking like the system that will be implemented for DTOv2 - this would give you:
  • Custom Role on Discord & Highlighted name in-game
  • Access to Character Customization skins (only 4, but more than just default)
  • Contentious bit 5 more perk points than a default player (default players would still be able to fill up their perk slots, but obviously this directly translates into a paid advantage, however minimal. I would personally only consider it because the advantage would be so small, that if you are a better player without this, you will still always beat a player with it.

Importantly, Down To One v2 is now inopen beta – all you need to do is join the official Down To One Discord to gain access to the beta branch. Join here: https://discord.gg/SEMD4AT
Don't forget to follow @DownToOneGame on Twitter as well, and from the team (me) here at Gadget Games, Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
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