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Hi All,

It's time to take a look at what's been going on in #DTOv2 development since our last devblog in January!

New Destruction System
Since launch, the props around DTOs map have always felt a little bit flat. This is changing in 2.0, with an all-new networked destruction system.

There currently is about 15 of the smaller props on the map that have the new destruction system added. Pared with the new item-placing system, you can build a fortification, and destroy it too!

(It's a good reason to actually use grenades now as well)

Variable Lean System
What's an FPS in 2018 without a way to lean around corners? In Down To One 2.0, you'll now have the ability to lean as far around a corner as you need - to the exact degree.

First Pre-Alpha Test
We've hit a good milestone in the journey to 2.0, with the first (and second) pre-alpha test run in February. As always, there's still plenty more to add, but DTOv2 is now roughly at feature parity with 1.0, with just about all core systems working.

If you're interested in joining future pre-alpha/alpha/beta testing, join our discord[] server to get notified exactly when that will happen!

For more updates on what's been happening in 2.0, join the official discord server[] now! Don't forget to follow @DownToOneGame on Twitter as well.
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