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Happy Easter all!

Some exciting news for anyone who has Down To One in their Steam library - the very first Beta servers for DTOv2 will be opening up today, available to anyone who has DTOv1. In approximately 12 hours from this post, you'll be able to jump in to a new, revamped Down To One experience, with some new features to look out for. Here's a quick TL;DR on how to play below:

You now play in one of 3 teams - Blusec, Redsec, or Independent
  • Secure a "home base" for your team by capturing an area's radio tower
  • The team with the most players in the playable area will slowly gain capture points
  • The team that ends up with 100 capture points will win the round
  • The last 10 minutes of each round is a traditional Battle-Royale, fight to the death.

As well as the new main game objective, there's a few new features for those that haven't played any of the previous DTOv2 betas, here's some of the most prominent ones:
  • Players can now Vault over obstacles (default: V)
  • Players can now lean a variable amount (default: G + Scrollwheel)
  • Players can now pickup a large array of environmental objects, including objects which spawn items. This can be used to construct a "base"
  • Many environmental objects are now destructible
  • The jeep is now drivable
  • Players can now lean a variable amount (default: G + Scrollwheel)
  • There are multiple new areas on the map
  • Players can now bring up the map in the UI (default: M)
  • Players can now select/swap their team throughout the round (default: L)

As always, join the Down To One Discord[] to chat as you get into the new beta!
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