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  • Added tiles for arrows, lead slugs, shotgun shells, missiles, and Schrodinger pages.
  • Bats now have wings.
  • Feral lah pods now respect phase.
  • Forced drinking can no longer make you vomit indefinitely and lose an infinite number of turns.
  • Autoexplore no longer requires you to leave a square with a painted or engraved item in it before looking at it.
  • Sound will now propagate through non-occuluding walls such as forcefields or fences.
  • The turn count of Long Blade's En Garde! is now cardinal as opposed to ordinal.
  • The wishes godown and goto no longer toggle calm.
  • Removed orphaned markup from crysteel arrows' description.
  • The Trolls faction is now described as being interested in the locations of "storied items" rather than "artifacts".
  • Learning a secret via non-water-ritual dialogue with a creature of a visible faction now records that faction as the secret's source.
  • Learning a secret via water ritual with a creature of a non-visible faction no longer records that faction as the secret's source.
  • Fixed a bug causing hostiles to be inappropriately ignored during autoexplore.
  • Fixed a bug that caused it to sometimes be possible to sell a secret back to someone you bought it from in the water ritual.
  • Fixed a bug that caused throwing with an accuracy bonus to consistently throw items one square further than targeted.
  • Fixed a bug causing excess stairs to generate in Grit Gate.
  • Fixed a bug causing some historic sites to have no passable area.
  • Fixed a bug causing the starting village not to be revealed on the world map due to an unfortunately placed house.
  • Fixed a bug where village mayors would sometimes not teach you their signature skill.
  • Fixed a bug causing some sultan murals to be improperly initialized.
  • Fixed a bug causing historic event corruption in murals and shrines.
  • Fixed a bug causing [redacted] to yell "DONE!" too early.
  • Fixed a bug causing feral lah pod explosions to display when off-screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing teleport effects to display when off-screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing some biome-altered tiles to not be properly colored.
  • [modding] A registration-based event ObjectExtracted is now called on objects that are harvested or butchered from other objects, with parameters of Object (the object extracted), Source (the object from which it was extracted), Actor (the object performing the harvestry or butchery), and Action ("Harvest" or "Butcher").
  • [modding] The QudHistoryFactory class is now public.
  • [modding] Improved the logging for invalid blueprints in map files and invalid terrains on the world map.

202.7 - 'beta' branch

  • Improved the modern UI tooltips
  • Fixed a bug causing UI lockups with the modern UI enabled
  • Fixed a bug causing excessive log spam
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