ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)

ADOM (Ancient Domains Of Mystery)

ADOM 3.1.4 released to Steam

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Eaten_by_a_Grue Apr 12 @ 6:09am 
TheCreator  [developer] Apr 11 @ 2:03pm 
We just released ADOM 3.1.5 which fixes the altar bug:
Eaten_by_a_Grue Apr 4 @ 4:20pm 
Error Altar not found on that level!When fix it?I'm afraid to play because of this!When?
Gondzza Apr 1 @ 12:54am 
It seems that all auto-backup saves of 3.1.4 update was ignored by the game and after game crash my manual save from 3.1.3 was reloaded. So, possibly, backup saves in 3.1.4 don't work at all.
Ham Man Mar 31 @ 11:24pm 
yup. That happened to me too.

Many times.

Way too many.

I'm not playing this again until the devs respond to this bug and fix it because I swear to God.
Gondzza Mar 31 @ 3:14pm 
In addition to the previous post. I'm sure that during the game process there were notifications about saving the backups, but all the progress was eliminated, and very old backup file was reloaded. Can I somehow reload more actual backup file?
Gondzza Mar 31 @ 3:05pm 
Nice that you fixed the problem with 3.1.3. But suddenly, after playing ADOM for half a day, my game crashed and the backup file was loaded - is the moment 6 hours ego. 6 hours of game playing was lost... Why?...
-=[DARK]=-Lt.Patx Mar 31 @ 11:53am 
One of my All Time Favorite purchases on Steam. Thank you!
StMikael Mar 31 @ 11:18am 
Oh, I did wonder last night, if there was something wrong with my keyboard.

Thank you for the timely update! Happy Easter!
phobrek Mar 31 @ 9:59am 
Nicely done, Team ADOM!