Rise to Ruins

Rise to Ruins

InDev 32 Road Map - The Improvements Update

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DPRK Hanzo Dec 16, 2018 @ 8:10am 
@Halato is right, corruption resistance should improve quickly. Other than that, I love it.
Cayden F. [1007][CIV-R1] Dec 5, 2018 @ 1:52pm 
@flemdawgheal I disagree, I love the pixel style art in the game and I think it looks great zoomed in too, its not supposed to look realistic and I think its one of the things that makes this game special.
Halato Dec 5, 2018 @ 1:16am 
Would be cool of a more corruption resistance able structure like a church, where you not only get your own essence, but also protects a large scale of place to prevent further expansion. But i wouldnt mind of the Way makers to carry around "Clean Powder" wich could be used to remove left over corruption tiles.
AnotherFrenchy Dec 4, 2018 @ 4:35am 
Need a story and an end ! For now it's just a waste of time.
Lugh Limited Nov 30, 2018 @ 7:25pm 
Great game. I'm addicted like a recovering addict.... I get hooked, mess up and leave the game for a few days, then one day I just get the need to kill some zombie children and I'm back again for more. It reminds me of a retro 2-D version of Black and White. I hope you keep it growing.
As for my suggestions: there are two that come to mind that had me saying, "oh, I wish I could....". First, rotate buildings when placing them (if you can already do this, I apologize for not finding it). Second, set resource limits at the storage facility level to some degree. For example, as it stands, logs and boards are placed in the same storage building, but if log production is high enough, it would be difficult to build a stockpile of boards. If I'm wrong about anything here, good, lol. Anyways, keep up the awesome work!
Rayvolution  [developer] Nov 30, 2018 @ 7:47am 
@MjimK There's a scale controller setting in the bottom-middle of the settings menu. :)
MjimK Nov 30, 2018 @ 5:47am 
"Also a UI scaler.
I am on a 4k screen, and all the text and icons are too small. " +1
Genius Nov 28, 2018 @ 6:56pm 
nice jobb
flemdawgheal Nov 27, 2018 @ 8:49pm 

Your game is really good at it's base. You need to just keep raising it up similar to what factorio has done. I would suggest planning for high res/high polygon models in the future. IDK if you want to do sprites or whatever..

But my 1 suggestion is the game looks great when fully zoomed out. When zoomed in, it doesn't look all that good. If you can make it look nicer when fully zoomed in, meaning more resolution or pixels or poly count, I would love that.

Thank you :)
Zenyway Nov 26, 2018 @ 1:45pm 
Hello there! I bought this game quite awhile ago with high hopes and I'm glad that I did.

I'm sure it's been mentioned by other players, but I'd like to have the ability to rotate buildings before placement?

Keep up the great work!! :steamhappy: