Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis

Huge update to controller/synchro, FPP view, new Glory system formula & new season, WIP insight! (Update v. – Steam Patch 111)

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sikiya Apr 14, 2018 @ 12:33pm 
goog job!:steammocking:
Cal Varrus Apr 6, 2018 @ 2:00pm 
OMG FInally
Jog  [developer] Apr 6, 2018 @ 1:48pm 
Dear Community,

Due to issues we found recently on our new synchronization system we have decided both with our other community members to temporary rollback
synchronization changes until next week, it also required moving back 1st person camera as it was related with synchro changes.

Thank you for your understanding and thank you for your patience,

BartoldGV  [developer] Apr 6, 2018 @ 8:54am 
Hotfix has just been applied - besides of tons of fixes to both synchro/controller and changes done to Glory system, it also adds a new fortress which was meant to be introduced yesterday but had to be postponed.

We'd also like to engage you to check out our official statement regarding the changes done to Glory system!
Aurora Apr 6, 2018 @ 7:15am 
and by the way i played this game 168 hours...

i have lvl 66 midlander, lvl 24 ismir, lvl 10 sangmarian

i know their lvl too low for that hours but like i said i cant play cause of ping/lag/latency

and working 12-15 hours in a day so i have only 2-3 hour for play
Aurora Apr 6, 2018 @ 7:12am 
hello developers,

i want to say one most important thing. i know you are working hard and trying to do your best. but i think you need to increase server capacity or if its already enough (for now), you need to decrease latency on servers. because i have fiber 100mb/s internet connection but i cant play the game cause of huge ping.
[ i aint share my connection with anyone or anything, and im connecting with cable not wifi or bluetooth, hotspot, etc and also when i open a game im closing everything that can use internet ]

with my best regards
DEWOS(Orion) Apr 6, 2018 @ 6:45am 
please repair the craft
Groniu Apr 6, 2018 @ 6:15am 
nie no zajebiście wam idzie tak trzymać może jeszcze z 20 lat i dokończycie gre...:steambored:
Monguntiacum [Infracta] Apr 6, 2018 @ 2:20am 
Crafting is broken. Running is broken (teleport bug), hitboxes are broken (or was it epic lag, hitting heads with no effect?). Update need fix!
BroxigarTheRed Apr 5, 2018 @ 4:54pm 
HAvent got on to try it out yet but in my 400+ hours of gameplay I feel like character and npc responsiveness and fluidity was one the games major problesm and its nice to see that the developers are atleast taking some steps in the right direction to fix and improve upon those issues. Hopefully some updates to npc's soon.