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Catacombs event updated! (Update v. – Steam Patch 186)

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EnForceR Jul 14 @ 5:37am 
@Pezz if it was full loot system then community, here, were already dead, example:
Just ask devs to think about adding custom cross nation & cross server chat to talk with your friends (optional). Also in ArcheAge it was language books sold on shop to understand other nations + skill of understanding that may be trained daily, creating economical niche for people who earn from typography crafting skill. I personally wait for horses & fishing, if the chat change above is giving devs much more time to work on it -> then it is good, even if some people will suffer from it. It's impossible to please everyone.
Cool Cat (anomaly hunter) Jul 14 @ 1:25am 
thx the fix ,i not play this game for a log time(not had a free time) and i surprised because the game improved a lot.

PLS in next update add more cooking recipe(like roasted pumpkin and some high quality and low quality food recipe) and more interactive object (like sunflower seed ,mushroom seed...etc)

+I am really glad if the characters can make wines like beer(pls add grape seed).
Pezz Jul 12 @ 6:28am 
The loot system is a joke you have 30 seconds to loot 2 pieces, Should just be full loot. Back on topic, When someone turns on cross nation chat have a pop up appear saying doing this will disable the option to report players for being toxic and so on. Ticket load goes down and everyone is happy. Most of the tickets are probably the same few trolls trying to get someone banned because it would be funny to them.
Jog  [developer] Jul 12 @ 4:20am 
I have to agree with EnForceR - no one has to listen to bad things about him and his family on a daily basis from some players to make the game "hardcore". And I am sure players would prefer us to spend money on more developer, not moderators if we can prevent happening most of those cases in the first place. We could provide more emoticons, or context messages, like a famous "top kek" if it will be required.
EnForceR Jul 12 @ 2:46am 
@Pezz i don't like an option to kill people while swimming cuz it's unrealistic (at least in case of heavies). Now what? Most of changes are positive. You suggest to find more volunteers to care about chat moderation reports or add pre-moderation when talk in "say", while enemy around? :trollface: This game going to stay hardcore PvP till loot system exist, not more & not less.
Pezz Jul 11 @ 12:56pm 
Its a PVP people talk crap, Taking away the option to talk to other players from another nation is a terrible move when the option to even read other nations say chat is off by default. I use to have plenty of normal conversations, arrange 1v1's and group fight with other nations that is now gone. If you are looking for a hardcore pvp experience this game slowly becoming not for you.
davidcelticwolf Jul 11 @ 12:29pm 
If you guys ever need someone to deal with the toxic players by moderating forums, discord and in game chat let me know. I would be willing to volunteer my time to help keep the Gloria Victis Community a safe and thriving community.
Jog  [developer] Jul 11 @ 11:32am 
Speaking of Cata move - most probably there will be further tweaks in the future, as we have some work to be done at the balancing the map, but surely it is much, much better balanced now and overall due to being much more accessible for players, it shall bring more PvP opportunities.
Jog  [developer] Jul 11 @ 11:31am 
@Mexiben - we have not found any abnormal activity on that matter

@times05 - when we were adding the option to toggle it, we had a hope it will make it works, sadly it didn't, as we have stated at note above. People would toggle it up, start insulting other people making them quit, and quit by them selfs when they would get muted for insulting - we had a hope the trigger would do the job but sadly, it was nowhere to be decreasing the toxicity. Almost all of the competitive players had the toggle on, and of course, at the competitive level, you have the biggest toxicity levels. It is simply not worth to lose a dozen of players daily because they were victims of toxicity, or because they were brave trolls who weren't brave enough to take the consequences of their toxicity.
times05 Jul 11 @ 11:23am 
Not sure about say /w changes. Sure some were consistently toxic, but we could just mute them. There were those enemies we respected because of chat. Also could coordinate by declaring truce at times, so that's not happening again. A bit sad.

Ragi moved... there were a few sulfur, magnetite, and calcite nodes around that very area where it moved.. are those gone now?

Cata moved. Will have to see how it is now, but by looks of it sangmar will still have to go into dangerous territory to get there, especially when not holding Aud. Might not be so bad depending on where entrance is. Or could just be another camp and kill zone conveniently located for whoever holds Aud.