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Butane Jul 6 @ 3:23am 
SirJoga, it's every friday; not a single one time event.
SirJoga Jul 5 @ 10:59pm 
2017 January 20th??? We playing in past, or this post so old, it should't pop in the game? May 24 @ 3:51am 
Count me in bro
psychological May 22 @ 6:39pm 
add me guys
xLaserWind Apr 12 @ 11:10pm 
yeah, I didnt know i was filtered out of servers due to my newb rank.. :steamfacepalm:
Kieszen Apr 9 @ 6:52am 
Count me in
Butane Apr 6 @ 6:34pm 
In the quickjoin menu. I see you guys are playing ina SKILL 1-6 server. If you turn that off you'll be thrown into a 1-12 server with some more players.
Mr_curtis Apr 6 @ 6:17pm 
sc restriction whats that
Butane Apr 6 @ 6:10pm 
mr_curtis, remove the SC restriction and let's frag! Tell your friends to do the same! :steamhappy:
Mr_curtis Apr 6 @ 6:08pm 
♥♥♥♥ u fringo unreal is the best