Rising World

Rising World

Update Fireworks, new items and a Happy New Year!

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Grimm2577 Mar 9 @ 4:02am 
trains BOI!!!!
alperenbicer95 Feb 26 @ 3:38am 
0DoseKZ Feb 9 @ 10:28pm 
Id love to see boats, but much rather trains first. Keep up the epic work!
ALLONS13B Feb 9 @ 2:10pm 
make trains or maybe like mine cars or something thatdd be kinda cool to play with and the blocks need to ba able to rotate
jd1969 Jan 21 @ 3:02pm 
@Draven Crow
Thanks for your response! "Hope my English is not to Bad!" is just a additive i use sometimes in case i have some mistakes into my written.

ArcticKitsu Jan 21 @ 10:13am 
If you want to be picky about English I spotted 'your' when it should be 'you're' (on Crow's side) :steammocking: jd1969, you're fine; Your English is fine.

Also, curious to see what this update releasing today contains.
Draven Crow Jan 21 @ 9:59am 
jd1969, your english is not concern as it isn't your first language. It is well enough that it isn't an eyesore to read. Since your evidently not doing business internationally, the perfection of your english isn't part of the focus. The people I get irritated with when they don't use good english are the people who've been in environments where they had abundant chances to learn it well but still choose to use their guttural slang and ghetto accent. You are alright in my book :)
ArcticKitsu Jan 19 @ 3:15pm 
You're welcome. I want to encourage any joy you have for this game that it shouldn't be capped off. If you're happy with the game, show it! :steammocking:

Exactly! As much as I loved Minecraft for its freedom it also held you back in the whole blocky side that I needed the realism and detailing in Rising World. The whole plugins, the "roadmap" to what's coming, and etc. Everything Minecraft has done, yet better.

The weapons are for the future bandits, pirates, and angry cabin loggers. Similar with monsters in dungeons and zombie dogs in hell because there as to be some justification for surviving there. You can still play peacefully, yet some threats have to be in the game. With what's on Red51's mind we have nothing to worry about. We'll have a nice relaxing game, even when enemies are in.
jd1969 Jan 19 @ 2:58pm 
Thank you for your response! I have so much fun with this Game that i got lost in my Idears for it. Did not want to rush the Devs, more like giving them a Look into my thoughts. What i Like the most about it, is that you can change the entire World on your own wishes without any needs to Fight anything! What i don`t understand about the last Update is that the Devs decited to give us plenty of new Weapons! In my opinion Weapons are absolutly useless at this Time, except for Hunting. And i realy don`t want to see this Game going into the direction of a Wargame. It`s realy a Great Game! Different then the most other ones like this one. Thank you Devs!
Hope my English is not to Bad!
ArcticKitsu Jan 19 @ 1:04pm 
It makes me truly happy seeing jd1969 being highly enthusiastic about Rising World because such a behaviour seems to be shunned in every other community out there. You're only allowed to like a game but only in a certain "quiet" manner. You can't be highly vocal about it that it has to be "hush hush".

If Google translate is correct I also can't wait for boats, trains, and etc. Having steam trains to power with water and coal, as well as transporting NPCs. That's the kind of hype that's honest about your feelings about the game. :steamhappy: