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MR32F 5 hours ago 
We need updates please :steambored::steambored:
lyphe101 May 21 @ 11:17am 
My work laptop is a Mac. Love to be able to play Frostpunk while traveling for work. Any new news?
Felix Jones May 16 @ 5:06pm 
I really want to buy this game on sale, so I can play it on my mac. Are there any updates?
Wizkid May 11 @ 12:37pm 
Any update ?
Bomba May 9 @ 9:46am 
Any updates on this?
ElysianEnthalpy May 7 @ 8:12pm 
This is just so upsetting. Rating the game down.
sermon May 3 @ 11:41am 
I found this today, so it seems they are still working on it:

"We have found porting our game a bit more challenging than expected, but we are still working on it and will release it as soon as possible. We understand how inconvenient it is and apologize for it - it was a tough decision but also it was the one we had to make, not to compromise the quality we aim for."

Statement by 11bit Studios Support concerning the Mac version of Frostpunk on the Reddit Frostpunk forum
Houdini Apr 27 @ 4:08am 
@utterer yes, probably, but we purchased a game for OSX and this game is not working.

Steam didn't refund my purchase, which is irritating since I bough something I cannot use. Whatever the reason, somebody should at least show their face and say something about it. Meanwhile Steam should definitely revise their policies and better define responsibilities. With Amazon and other vendor you do get refund for broken items even if they are not directly under the responsibility of Amazon. Either way, it's just a game, but that a behaviour.
Drinky Crow Apr 23 @ 8:51pm 
OSX, but what about Linux?
Durant Apr 23 @ 4:57pm 
So which is it? you hedged your bets and played both sides of the field. You're saying that 11Bit doesn't have to update us on every little thing they are doing, and that communication with ones player base is good.

I'm on the side of more communication. It doesn't take much at all to post here that they are still working on the issue.