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Greetings, New London citizens.

We’re on the verge of an unknown, yet an electrifying path. The city administration seeks your aid in making another significant step for our community as Glass Cannon Unplugged, tailors of the tabletop experience, and 11 bit studios, makers of the original IP, are thrilled to announce that Frostpunk: The Board Game Kickstarter campaign is now live.

This adaptation, playable by up to four players, will be faithful to the original both in gameplay and the atmosphere. As leaders of the survivor’s colony, you will become Social, Health, Generator, and Resources Advisors. Frostpunk is a euro type of board game, so a well-thought-out strategy has an incomparably higher value than reliance on luck. You’ll survive only thanks to efficiently managing both the issuing demands of citizens and the infrastructure, including the iconic generator represented by a highly detailed plastic cube tower miniature.

Frostpunk’s unplugged version is designed and developed by Glass Cannon Unplugged - a team of board game industry veterans - along with the well-known independent author Adam Kwapinski. After playing several prototypes we’re sure Frostpunk is in good hands, and it will present new challenges even for the original game veterans.

We totally support Glass Cannon Unplugged in their crowdfunding quest, so we cordially invite you to visit Frostpunk: The Board Game Kickstarter campaign page to watch the board game trailer or back up the project:
Frostpunk: The Board Game campaign on Kickstarter

We want the campaign to be as vivid as possible, so more goals will be revealed during its course. One of a kind companion app will be among the highlighted stretches. “The idea is really neat and revolutionary in some way. And since Kickstarter is meant to fulfill dreams, let’s reach this goal and see what magic we can unleash” - said Glass Cannon Unplugged’s CEO, Jakub Wiśniewski.

Frostpunk: The Board Game key features:
  • Different player roles that ease the learning curve.
  • Innovative heating and generator cube tower mechanics with a custom-designed system of cube-catching and risk management.
  • A worker-placement game where your meeples get sick and hungry and have ethics and social demands!
  • Steering a society using Law and Technology, and bearing the consequences of in-game decisions, thanks to the narrative-driven Dusk card mechanics.
  • A fascinating mix of snow apocalypse and steampunk worlds to be discovered through expeditions deep into the Frostland.
  • A companion app that allows for different playstyles.
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