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Dear Community,

it has been roughly 3 weeks since we talked about the path that A Year of Rain will be following in the future and we are overwhelmed that those of you who tested out the changes have brought up 100% positive feedback about the new state of the game, even though they were sad, that the game won’t grow further from this point on - which is definitely understandable. None-the-less, this proves to us, that our decision to change the multiplayer system to a Peer-to-Peer System brought several positive effects with it - one of those being a visibly better performance.

Even though we are fully able to stand behind A Year o Rain as it is now, we understand that this version might differ from what was planned in the beginning - this is why we continued the communication with Steam and made some decisions to reflect the changes of the recent weeks. None-the-less we want to make clear as well, that this doesnt mean we are abondoning the game, as some community members were already afraid of that being a possible outcome - We are still keeping A Year of Rain in Maintenance Mode.

We are glad to say that everyone of you, who purchased the game until now/until the 27th of February 2020 will find a copy of our Sci-Fi Multiplayer Survival Title “Cryofall” in their library - as an additional “Thank You” for believing in our first vision of the game. Additionally we will step out of Early Access and lower the pricing of A Year of Rain after February 27th - this is when you will be gifted your copy of Cryofall as well.

So, if you didnt have already - rally up your friends and test out the new changes to the game - we are positive you will enjoy it!

Best Regards,

The A Year of Rain - Team
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