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Dig or Die

v1.0 progress : Under The Sea

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Gaddy Games  [developer] May 22 @ 2:38am 
The real challenge is to find some way to easily make some trips in and out of the sea, there are various ways to do it, and it doesn't really depends of the level your are (I mean tier 3 is enough)
stresstensor May 22 @ 2:30am 
Thank you. I've only explored small sections of the ocean because I thought I needed to "level up" first and get the lightweight concrete block before going there.
Gaddy Games  [developer] May 21 @ 11:18pm 
Did you explore the ocean itself ? Did you find the "Lightweight rocks" ? As gas rocks can be found in those
stresstensor May 21 @ 3:49pm 
Could someone tell me where the gas rock is in under the sea. I've spent many days cutting through the rock under the ocean and "searching the sky" and still have not found any.


Gaddy Games  [developer] May 8 @ 2:57am 
Could you send me your saved game by email ? (my email and the save file path are in the FAQ). I'll try to do something
Maniah May 8 @ 12:00am 
@Gaddy Games: no result, /find crystalblack gives nothing, /find crystallight gives positions.
Gaddy Games  [developer] May 7 @ 2:40am 
@foresthunter22 : under the ocean (in the normal game mode), under the crystal areas, you can use solar panel under the lightonium areas

@Maniah: if you type "/find crystalblack", you don't have any result?
Maniah May 6 @ 10:20am 
Our Sky Wold map doesn't seem to include black crystals. So we are stuck. This is not implemented yet?
foresthunter22 May 5 @ 3:51am 
ok thanks make sense not trying to sound naggy at this point (I:steamhappy: kind of am sounding naggy extremely sorry this is my favorite game cant get off it and I would love to see them because dams are still extremely useful underwater but constant leaks and stuff are really annoying me forcing me to manualy go from uder ground ocean to op and back and forth even with platform highways gets extremly diffucult and slow honestly if u say no thats cool ill leave u alone but still I would love to see it thanks so much for your time I cant express myself for how honoured i am to speak to the dev of an amazing game you are very talented and one the big reaseons I started learning to code :steamhappy:
Gaddy Games  [developer] May 3 @ 2:31pm 
All the challenge of the dams is to make them run h24. If you drain enough of water you can make a lot of them running simultaneously. Other generators would be nice but technically very difficulty to do properly (wind, geothermal, etc.) - as they would have to use real simulated physic elements.
About battery, I have to avoid them precisely to motivate players to do h24 dams, which are very challenging as I said but very rewarding, and much more interesting than other generators (like solar panel)