1.3.1 Beta!

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fatesdeath Mar 29 @ 4:14pm 
slow and steady make for a great game
Lifemaul Mar 22 @ 10:49pm 
Wow, after I bought this a long time ago I thought it was already a great game... now here you are making it all the better!! Keep up the great work. I will have to check out what you have done very soon,
vladchitoroaga Mar 16 @ 6:57pm 
loving the missiles. die mutha fuka, die mutha fuka, die
Raptormeat  [developer] Mar 13 @ 5:22pm 
Thanks for the feedback everybody!!! :)

Ashley - they should be on every asteroid (for now) but only on the Beta branch of the game. Is it possible that the indicator is disappearing cause you are too close to the surface? Just a guess but if so perhaps I need to tweak that.
Ashley Coral Mar 13 @ 12:02pm 
Can't find a mine. Any specific asteroids or are they just random and me unlucky?
Lovecraft - In Finland Mar 13 @ 11:10am 
Shoot. I cleared a whole Xeno mine and encountered one of the guys that spam bombs, boy that was hard.

All in all, it's a nice break from shooting them in space, but they deal SOOO much damage. I think a bit of a tunedown on their aim or health would be good (a charged shot is kinda useless it seems, why would you use that instead of spamming rockets?).

Hoping we'll see some lore stuff as a reward in the future, for my efforts the RNG gods granted me Hal Grumpkin's Datastick about gay colonist marriage; which while cutesy-doo, I was expecting to see some Xeno-Datastick or something cool like that to give us some insight on just what they're doing and why they're shooting.
Codyrex Mar 13 @ 12:18am 
That last bulletpoint is going to be so nice! Haha so annoying to have to always switch on and off the flashlight due to how wonky it was.
Gunner Mar 10 @ 10:20am 
You guys can shoot missiles from your blaster! :steamhappy:
Bot Dave Mar 10 @ 8:18am 
@f0u666 no you don't have to start a new game
Meep Machine Mar 10 @ 8:15am 
oh yes yes