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Dear fellow believers, dear sinners,

the churches are not yet accessible in The Guild 3 - at least not with your camera. But we are working to change that :-)

As you could read in DevDiary #25 just before Christmas, all churches in the game will get a fully interactive interior. We distinguish between the small village churches and the churches within the city walls, which also include the cathedrals. So you will have a relatively small interior space in the village churches and a much larger and richer interior space in the city churches.

In general, all characters are able to enter the church. So you will see NPCs enter the church, sit on a bench, say a silent prayer and leave. You will also be able to do the same with your characters.
Inside the churches there is the baptismal font, which you can use to change your faith, and the donation box, which you can use to donate a few coins to Mother Church. There is also an NPC priest in the room. You can talk to him if you want to adopt a poor orphan or enter a monastery yourself.
Of course, you can also watch the AI dynasties while they are using these actions.

But the biggest part while working on the modifications of the churches is the wedding scene! Instead of having a rigid cutscene like before, we want you to be able to watch your characters getting married in one of the churches in the game world. Of course, this also enables you to watch the other dynasties at their wedding ceremonies.

We plan to release the interiors for the churches and the wedding scene in Patch EA 0.9.17. Unfortunately, we don't have a schedule for the patch yet. As soon as we know more, we will inform you immediately. However, you can assume that the patch will be released in mid to late February at the earliest.
You are already used to this, but we would still like to mention it: Of course, the patch will also contain a lot of other stuff including bug fixes.

After patch EA 0.9.17 we will start working on the interior of the arsenal. And we also want to implement at least one other interesting feature for the arsenal. You will learn more about this in the upcoming DevDiaries.

Your The Guild 3 Team
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