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All hail!

This is part 4 of our DevDiary #24 and the last of the weekly DevDiaries - from December on, we will switch back to one DevDiary per month. We weren't able to answer all of your questions about the upcoming ​interiors in The Guild 3 in DevDiary #24, but we hopefully answered most of your frequently asked questions.

We already told you that with patch EA 0.9.16, you will have access to the interiors of your residences. We will have the patch ready at the end of November / beginning of December - the exact date depends on how well the stabilizing phase goes. A lot had to be reworked to make the features of the game compatible with interiors and exteriors as well. So please expect the patch at the beginning of December.

And now, let's jump onto the FAQ :-)

Q: With the interior of the town hall, will there be a town secretary in the forehall like in the predecessor?
A: Yes. And our plan is that you can interact with them. You will still be able to claim higher titles via the UI, but we want you to be able to also interact with the secretary to do that. Please note: like with the other information in the DevDiary, this is just theoretical at the moment.

Q: Will office meetings and the trials be handled via scripted scenes?
A: We plan to have office meetings and trials taking place as scripted scenes in the town hall. We can't tell you how exactly they will work at this point.

Q: Ok, we will have scripted scenes... Can you tell us more about this, please?
A: The scripted scenes will take place in interiors and the characters are physically present if they want to participate. That means, we will have compulsory attendance for participating characters. So when you marry, your character has to be present in the respective church. Same goes for office meetings and for trials - if your character is not present in the scene, they cannot participate. This is what the design is geared towards at the moment. So please be a bit patient until we can provide you with more details.

Q: You said that we will have access to important menus through clicking on objects. Can you tell us more?
A: While being inside your residence, you will find four interactable objects you can right click on: the family painting opens your family tree, the scales open your budget book, the slide rule opens your skill tree and the workbench opens the building menu / production menu of your residence. You can still access these menus via the UI and/or the action bar, of course.

Q: You already talked a bit about it, but I want to know more details: How can I interact with characters who are inside buildings?
A: This is a very complex topic and we are still fine tuning it. In general, you are able to perform non-aggressive actions inside every building and in the outer world, while aggressive actions are limited to the outer world only. With “aggressive”, we specifically mean attacking or pickpocketing other characters. If the target is an interior which you cannot access - more specific: a residence of a family you are neutral to or who are in feud with you - then characters are always invalid targets. This makes your residence a real safe haven for your family members. You could still set the house on fire and thus force the family members outside, but who would be this ruthless? :-)
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