The Long Dark

The Long Dark

Dev Diary - November 2018

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peacefulzulu135 Dec 14, 2018 @ 8:06am 
I can't wait for the new drop. I just started a new game yet again. I don't care about the wipe.. This game is so awesome I jut love playing it. Take as long as you need i'd rather wait longer for a better game. :steamhappy:
PeaceMaker Dec 3, 2018 @ 8:20pm 
That bloody hat better be worth the wait :steambored:
glen_halford2010 Dec 3, 2018 @ 1:11pm 
wonder when the December update will be. I bet 30th December. What you think?
ZeratulDM Dec 2, 2018 @ 7:44am 
It's December! Where is my rabbitskin hat?
Long Jonson Nov 30, 2018 @ 10:12pm 
So, has anyone heard a tentative date for the Redux release? All I've been able to gather is December... Wondering if it'll be soon or if we'll be waiting til month's end.
Shabbos Goy Nov 25, 2018 @ 9:33am 
Awesome news, and a good decision to delay the 3rd episode. Your new slave labour (read valued workers) and equipment will greatly change what is possible for you, You need some time to evaluate this so you can deliver a superior product, while still delivering something for us to sink our teeth into over the holidays.
Sohei Nov 25, 2018 @ 7:46am 
I do not like devs deleting local save data. Marking them as incompaible is fine. Even blocking the ability to attempt to load them with the current version is acceptable. Deleting user save data is not okay.
jfknut1 Nov 21, 2018 @ 12:18pm 
When I bought this game I got it for £6 in a Steam super-sale. That was a good few years ago, when it was out of early access and on its first stable release without the campaign. £6. I regard it as perhaps the best purchase I ever made on Steam.

Because I have gotten some pleasure, such joy, out of this game over the years since.

When it came out on PS4 I was curious to see how it would play on a game-pad, having been used to a combination of the mouse and a keyboard. It was full-price as a PS4 digital release, and I paid the money gladly, without a single qualm.

Because the makers deserved it. They deserved a full price for a game that even in its early state offered full value. The support this game has had has been phenomenal at every level. The Devs Diary cheered me up no end because it's clear that Hinterland is growing and these guys are getting their just rewards for an outstanding product.
FSM Nov 21, 2018 @ 10:16am 
Honestly, people whining about slow development need to appreciate that this game has offered an incredible amount of content already for a very cheap price. If they stopped developing the game today it would already be incredible. I don't know how they can afford to keep the lights on after working so hard on this game for so many years with as affordable as the game is. Be happy with the release to console, as it is likely why they have money to keep making this amazing game better. Cheers to the long dark Devs!
ArcRaven Nov 20, 2018 @ 10:55pm 
Eh we hit the holiday season I can wait on these updates. I'd rather spend time with my family and hope that you guys will too.