Unturned Update Notes

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mumin Nov 3 @ 1:44pm 
nathangravett1 Oct 13 @ 3:23pm 
nelson why can't I use mods in singleplayer plz tell how to fix this
Hamster Player Oct 3 @ 4:22pm 
Awesome update, keep it up Unturned, you're getting close!
Szkodnik_12 Sep 29 @ 7:10am 
good update added more map and more NPC' and more citisen nice:WFEngineer:
OzEx Sep 22 @ 10:47am 
good update
but i wish they added more NPC's and more cities and stuff :steamsad:
Enzo Coca Sep 11 @ 2:14am 
Nelson corrects shortcut keys 1 2 3 4 for macintosh (os x) !:steamsad:
OhTea Sep 7 @ 3:09pm 
stop updating this broken game. if i were you I would put my time into 4.0 :|
«»мЕмЕ«» Sep 7 @ 2:35pm 
that game is stupid ):<
NI CHE GO Sep 7 @ 7:59am 
eminem 2.0:steamhappy:
dragonfew Sep 7 @ 12:03am 
for some reason i can't hear sounds ingame and it won't let me see any servers and or connect to them so i can't play with my mate