Unturned Update Notes

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lolzombieratt 2 hours ago 
is it muteplayer with out using a internet sever using threw frends
lick scrap mecanick
Not New Just Bad 6 hours ago 
where exactly do i put -RazerChroma
mayby you can place the healthbar arround the spacebar and/or other indicators. You can also change the color of some keys when it is full moon, when you have bleeding or something elso use your brain and add more staff i am excited to see what you will add :steamhappy:
PresentHunter 19 hours ago 
Yoooooooo, i would definitly like to see this razer addon. That would be dope. i would love it
yus_sim2007(YUTUBER) Oct 18 @ 8:13am 
vulcan_specter Oct 17 @ 12:47pm 
can you make it so hitting runs smothly, idk abou tthe rest of you guys but when i hit zombies 1/5 chances my game crashes
Marcus Nielsen Oct 17 @ 9:47am 
I dont have Twitter so i cant comment about the 16th Devlog so im gonna do it here. Hi! I have a little suggestion for the cars in 4.0 which is quite spmle. So for all the people that watched the 16th Devlog Nelson shared on his Twitter page you will know that he said something about that for evry map the season will change right? Well my idea is that if the season is winter then if you car has been left out in the cold for a duration of time and you wanna go for a ride then the engine will have a cold start and maybe by parking it in a warm place for example a garage for it to warm up where you would have to leave it there for a pretty long duration of time before you can proper start it like or comment or just do nothing if you agree with me :steamhappy::steamhappy:
Stokaboter Oct 17 @ 4:50am 
Gold members should be able to host servers. I don't like it when i pay for a free game and can't host...
Warper Oct 16 @ 1:22pm 
also smudger818 is right can we have private server hosting
Warper Oct 16 @ 1:21pm 
can we have duel pistols in the next update it would be so cool if ya'll added them!