Unturned Update Notes

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jackofrost9980 Jun 24 @ 1:13pm 
Um.. Greece is still broke AF... what do you mean “3 of 3”
hollyyshi..... Jun 16 @ 2:03pm 
anyone know what to do if you try to join a server and it says you are already in a server?
ZXD Jun 15 @ 7:22pm 
Xx_Ricky0630_xX Jun 15 @ 4:12am 
Ethan Jun 13 @ 10:27am 
Buddy Jun 13 @ 1:30am 
Why would 4.0 be on epic games launcher?
Pilot Pequod Jun 10 @ 11:10am 
He is going to make another independent game which will be 4.0 beta on steam and full 4.0 will be most likely on the epic launcher but 3.x will be here for ever
MY DAD WEARS BAPE Jun 7 @ 11:26am 
how do i play download the play
Turb0Punda Jun 7 @ 10:44am 
No, its still 3.0.
Vietcong Occupied Profile Jun 6 @ 11:22pm 
it already has