Unturned Update Notes

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Ninjapig04 Jun 13 @ 1:48pm 
You got a decent pc? This is a surprisingly demanding game.
Delta_Reaper0 May 26 @ 8:09pm 
hey man idk whats up nelson but itd be awesome if ud fill us in whats up with all the updates that arent changing anything. since i updated to 3.24.0 the game has become unresponsive several times so i couldnt play. and now it wont load half the lobbies online. just lemme know whats up man id like to stay informed. thx man for trying so hard
Delta_Reaper0 May 25 @ 4:09pm 
mine is updating again this is the fith time today man and its not changing anything. also as far as the text in the chat you need to put it back the way it was. the black is hard to see. WAY to much spam messages from the server and the server msgs cut off part of the words. and make it so the msgs players type can be seen easier please cuz its hard to see now that u changed everything
WitherTax May 25 @ 1:58pm 
OK Something to say for the mac issue, the new update has done some good, but it still keeps crashing! Nelson can you PLEASE fix the darned issue?
Delta_Reaper0 May 25 @ 1:42pm 
Delta_Reaper0 May 25 @ 1:42pm 
WitherTax May 25 @ 12:21pm 
Delta_Reaper0 Well good luck!
Delta_Reaper0 May 25 @ 12:20pm 
also guys really quick in my personal life i finally found a job im still waiting for them to call to let me know when i start but when i do my first priority is getting xfinity's new high speed internet plan at 2gbps o.o idk i just feel proud and exited and hope u feel the same lol
Delta_Reaper0 May 25 @ 12:17pm 
ya cheats are lame. and to Nelson if you see this dude just stop. forget 3.24.1 and prioritize 4.0 i know hundreds of ppl on this game and most of them say if u keep messing around instead of focusing on 4.0 they wont bother to play anymore. ppl dont wanna wait man cmon. and an issue with my game really quick. so i updated to 3.24.0 just an hour ago and tried to play but the game quits responding every time. so i restart my computer unturned updates again and still cant play this is the third time man it better work this time or imma be♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ the firsat time it was 70 MB, the secong time it was 14MB and now is 50MB .... cmon man focus get things right
WitherTax May 24 @ 7:09pm 
Master_Fartin123 Same, no cheats, no mods, just me...Myself....and I....With not hacks...