Unturned Update Notes

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George Skelli Jun 23 @ 5:54pm 
I have not playd it
BobTHEFatWalrusVEVO Jun 18 @ 1:05pm 
♥♥♥♥ing crafting
gimme it back
seryga945 Jun 16 @ 2:08am 
KujGKuj Jun 15 @ 10:40am 
go back with craft because 2/10
WitherTax Jun 15 @ 7:58am 
Exept for the fact that I have a mac...
WitherTax Jun 15 @ 7:58am 
Demon_Troy Looks like we are in a simlier dilemma..
Demon_Troy Jun 15 @ 7:57am 
Dude, All These Stupid Fahken Updates Hasnt Fixed My Game As Im A Win 10 PC User.
WitherTax Jun 15 @ 7:49am 
Unity Networks Niko, If he never claimed the game to be mac friendly, then why the hell did he ever put the mac icon next to the "Play Now" Button???
Demon_Troy Jun 15 @ 7:44am 
Still Hasnt Fixed My Game Issues.
Try Reading The Review I Made.
or see The Screenshot of The Game I Have.
Beamybeams Jun 15 @ 5:35am 
when 4?