Unturned Update Notes

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Ricardo_of_Roses Jun 2 @ 8:02am 
before the update my game could run smoothly, but now when I try to launch unturned my PC freezes. And I can run both skyrim and cs go without lag.
Exorcist May 31 @ 4:04pm 
I wish Salvaging items was very quick because its annoying have to wait half a minute to salvage a dang chair
jacobpassi3 May 31 @ 9:07am 
If only unturned can run on any of the old computers

( can somebody kindly add me)
evawijman70 May 31 @ 8:03am 
how to unlock the new cosmetics that have a lock on it like the faces
Cowboy Joe Son May 30 @ 2:40pm 
Can you still buy the arena cowboy bundle?
mdntrail May 30 @ 7:55am 
@JumpyCSGO - Look up "how to fix unturned loading screen problem with Misc", if that doesn't work, try some other videos and try what they did, and maybe remove some mods that don't work with the new version. I dunno, Im not smart in the technical world
@JumpyCSGO May 28 @ 9:29am 
My game freezes everytime I load my game up and it reaches "Loading miscellaneous"
Crimson Pirate May 27 @ 8:16pm 
I'm seeing lots of horrible and mean comments, and I feel so offended. Neslon, let me apologize upon the behalf of these stupid and dimwitted ignorant players. They are experienceing frustration with the game, as am I, but that is no excuse for them to express such mean comments. A message to everyone: although it may be very, VERY, frustrating when your game doesn't start up, think about how Nelson and his devs feel when they receive thousands upon thousands of hate comments. Take it from a 14 year old who doesn't have problems to worry about and is still able to act rationally, stop being jerks to the devs, even when you're frustrated, it's not even a completed game yet, that's why these devs take their time to try and smooth out your game play every week.
daRullz May 27 @ 10:17am 
Good job Nelson. The game can't go over 100fps and it even reaches 45fps on low graphics with an 8th gen proc and a 2016 GPU. Good job buddy. You really done it good this time.
mdntrail May 25 @ 10:11am 
Crashes upon selecting for launch. I get the 'Preparing to launch Unturned' Screen from STEAM, but then it crashed as soon as the icon is in the hotbar