Unturned Update Notes

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NATHON 21 hours ago 
any one there
your gardener Jul 13 @ 3:28pm 
a year ago i was hoping to get 4.0 so i could play it during summer lmao
Infernys Jul 13 @ 3:04am 
fix the damn camera mode Nelson !
Dedo Mole Jul 12 @ 4:11am 
♥♥♥♥ a atulizaçao.
codycrum9 Jul 11 @ 6:41pm 
mine keeps saying no version servers appear on this master server how do i fix this?
Franz2405 Jul 11 @ 1:19pm 
Projectile impacts ensure hit is not child of owner. i dont know why i laughed at it so much so yeah am i weirdie?
BeerSud Jul 7 @ 3:45pm 
Shawn Jul 7 @ 4:20am 
Zema Jul 6 @ 2:46am 
🔮 Качественный проект от развивающегося сообщества.
🖤 Ванилька, которую всё любят.
🌎 Сервера работает 24/7.
💫 Всё переведено на русский.
🌠 Никаких TPA, Kits и прочей ерунды.
💭 Наша группа ВК {LINK REMOVED}
⚜ Адрес:
⚜ Карта: PEI
Tee Kãy Jul 5 @ 11:40pm 
Hi i got banned on unturned 1000 days ago can i get unbanned ? i was a lil child hacking now im grown tired of playing without my stuff:steambored: