Unturned Update Notes

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Mickel Pickel Jan 20 @ 8:24pm 
dont click on @the santaplays message it is a virus
GL. Jan 17 @ 6:12am 
The SantaPlays Jan 14 @ 8:43am 
Having second ThOts about playing Greece? 10/10 review would recomend right here!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3o0kY_tP8ws
fjackson Jan 13 @ 11:23am 
On some servers my text looks like a weird language it sort of goes all square and stuff and i dont know why???
☭[TMNT]Only2GenderZ☭ Jan 12 @ 2:37pm 
can we change the color of the stat track thing, it does not match my skin
Bill Nye The Russian Spy Jan 12 @ 11:08am 
i thought this was the 12th january update XD
XxTEMMIExX Jan 12 @ 9:03am 
btw the idea of xenpatine is rly good
XxTEMMIExX Jan 12 @ 5:01am 
hyped for update today :)
TheGlitterFairy04 Jan 11 @ 10:42pm 
I can't open any servers
[GRC] Emperor Xenpatine Jan 11 @ 8:04pm 
Hey Nelson, I tried making my own server for my friends and anyone else that wanted to play. but No matter what I did I couldnt get it off of LAN, and it was super frustrating. Could you please add a Host Game option? Maybe atleast make it friends only if public host game is too much of a hassle?