Unturned Update Notes

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Gavinangry Apr 22 @ 3:37pm 
Look For the Lower Case 'L' And You
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kladgta Mar 1 @ 10:55pm 
VeNuSGaMiNg Feb 19 @ 12:49pm 
Can You please optimise the game
Liar! It's already 31st of January and there is nobquestline update!
Dude_Domain Jan 9 @ 5:07am 
TBH, I love new maps, but I stopped playing Unturned, or at least played it a lot less, because the game is pretty unoptimized on mac, and while I love the ultra settings because of how beautiful they are, my framerate drops so low that the game is unplayable. Also, I can't use the new tree settings for some reason (by new I mean the tree settings that are like 6 months old). So it would be great is Nelson could do some work on optimizing the game especially on mac.
[csgolive.com]Black Market Jan 8 @ 6:09pm 
Том О`Дим Jan 6 @ 1:27am 
Unturned one love
Weird Beans Jan 5 @ 6:49am 
You should make florida, like a million fast food stops, and amusement parks! ;D
Odi Lunar Jan 4 @ 5:28pm 
ahhh, the mediterranean, my roots of orgin I guess
alvareichon Jan 4 @ 9:41am 
i want fire and could burn wood structures, also i want better suspensions for vehicles and two types of weels , one that any gun can broke it and the other, only military guns . Also animations inside vehicle getting on the vehicle and going outside. also that the driver could shoot with secondary guns